5 Benefits of CEO Blogging

5 Benefits of CEO Blogging

5 Business Benefits of CEO Blogging

If you’re running a business – whatever the size – you’ve probably got a number of contacts on LinkedIn, and it’s likely that you’ve got a company page with a following. How do you talk to that following, and – more important – how do you grow it? Lots of business owners are starting to use CEO blogging as a way of talking to other businesses, and sharing insights into sector-wide issues.

What is a CEO Blog?

CEO blogging is an increasingly popular way for business owners to talk to about trends, breaking news that’s affecting your sector, or your thoughts on the future of an industry you’re involved with. CEO blogging is also known as ‘thought leadership’ which simply means sharing your view of the sector you’re involved in, or sharing your expertise, from your unique perspective.

Why Smaller Businesses Don’t Tend to Run a CEO Blog

If you’re running a small business, you’re probably thinking there just isn’t the time in the day, or the head-space, to write a regular blog. Many of the businesses we speak to also worry that they don’t have anything relevant to say. Others tell us they can’t justify the time when they’re not sure what the benefits would be for their sales. So we thought we’d make the business case for CEO blogging…

…and if you don’t have the time to write one, Outsource Your Marketing can take it on for you!

1. Demonstrate Your Expertise

Business owners often back off from CEO blogging because they don’t believe they have anything of interest to say. Rubbish!! If you’re successfully running a business, you have a compelling story to tell and valuable insights to share. The most popular CEO blogs are the ones based on experience, as these are seen as the most authentic. Most important, owners who demonstrate their expertise in action will attract more business than those who keep quiet.

2. Providing a Public Face For Followers to Engage With

We no longer think of businesses simply as traders; we’re now looking for ways of engaging with companies. Whether you’re looking for a plumber, a financial advisor or a web designer, you’re more likely to trust a business that is more than just a website. Think of Richard Branson, or Mark Zuckerberg; love them or loathe them, they’ve personalised the products they sell by telling us what they believe in and how they see the world.

3. Tell Your Followers About the Problems You Can Solve

At one time selling was just about describing your product. Now it’s about knowing your customers, understanding their needs, and providing relevant solutions for their problems. Positioning yourself for success is all about letting the industry know where you lead on providing the most innovative, thoughtful or relevant solutions to pressing problems.

4. Show You’re Human

The ‘corporate’ workplace can be seen as a bland, bloodless environment in thrall to the latest acronym or buzz-phrases. A CEO blog shows your customers and peers that you’re real; you’ve got real ideas, passions and experience which you share in a language that’s clear and understandable. Down-to-earth, enthusiastic leadership bloggers are hard to come by – and are much read when they appear.

5. Don’t Be Last to the Party

Marketing gurus are saying that high quality content is key to marketing in 2019. So you can bet that your competitors will be thinking seriously about CEO blogging right now. Even if they’re not, starting a CEO blog will attract attention, feed your social media channels, and potentially get you involved in some conversations with other leaders in your sector.

Wondering How to Get Started With Your CEO Blog?

Call the Outsource Your Marketing team to get your blog up and running within few days.  We create high quality content for a living and we have a network of professional writers, from a range of business backgrounds, who could help with your blogging. All you have to do is brief us, then we’ll research your sector and create regular blog posts in consultation with you or your team.

Interested in getting your ideas and experience noticed by industry leaders? Talk to our blogging team at Outsource Your Marketing on 01234 900203.


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