5 Reasons to Outsource Content Marketing

5 Reasons to Outsource Content Marketing

Could Outsourcing Improve Your Content Marketing?

Many of our clients are worried initially that outsourcing content creation means losing something; it may be the time spent on a piece of content, the expertise in-house writers can bring, or the passion that company founders contribute. In this article we set out 5 reasons to outsource content marketing, based on the outsourcing benefits, or gains, that businesses regularly tell us they experience when working with an outsourcing agency.

The Differences Between In-House and Outsourced Content Creation

In the early days of running a business it makes sense that the core team answer the phones, send out the orders and write the marketing copy. It’s an affordable option and makes sense as a way to get the business off the ground. With growth, though, comes a new set of competing priorities and in order to maintain original standards, some of the tasks originally handled in-house, need to be outsourced to a third-party.

A content creation agency like Outsource Your Marketing exists to produce high-quality marketing content. In order to achieve this consistently we work with professional writers who understand SEO, sector specialists who bring experience-based knowledge into the business, and digital marketers whose expertise lies in PPC, social media and strategy. We know how long it takes to produce good content, and we also know that cutting corners isn’t an option.

5 Reasons to Outsource Content Marketing

If you’re worried that outsourcing your content marketing will diminish its quality, take a look at the following gains that come as part of an outsourced content marketing package:

1. Content Specialists Know How to Improve Visibility

If your content isn’t being found online, it’s most likely because of your ranking in the search engines. If you’re not turning up on the first or second page of Google, it could be because you’re not using the same language as your customers to talk about the problems your product can solve.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) matches the language in your content with the language online searcher use to find it. Keywords are the words or phrases that people type into Google when looking for your product. Keyword enriched content makes it easier for Google to match what you sell with people who are searching online for it.

A professional content creator will always use keywords to enrich what they write for optimum search engine impact. They can also boost existing content.

2. Outsourcing Agencies Use Professional Writers

Professional content marketing writers bring a unique set of skills which have been honed over years of working with clients from a variety of sectors. These skills include:

  • Structuring content for clarity and recall
  • Translating complex, or technical language into clear copy that is easy to read, without compromising the subject matter.
  • Researching source material.
  • Using SEO enriched copy to enhance online visibility.
  • Using a tone or voice that is appropriate to a specific brand or readership.
  • Selecting which details are necessary to include, and what can be left out.
  • Understanding when graphics can communicate better than words.
  • The ability to follow style guides, or brand guidelines.
  • Copy editing and proofreading content to achieve a high-quality product.
  • Shaping and clarifing available expertise in a business team.

3. Outsourcing Agencies Know How Long a Task Takes

A busy team member who has a ‘to do’ list as long as their arm, will probably find it increasingly difficult to dedicate time to writing an article, white paper, or opinion piece. And even if they do, it is unlikely that the time available will match the time they would like to spend on doing it properly.

Making the descision to outsource content writing allows you to determine the process you think necessary to achieve the required content. Maybe you want to provide bullets and source material, or perhaps set up a Q&A. Your writer will then be given an appropriate amount of time to produce a polished, informative, and accurate result.

4. An Outsourcing Agency Provides an External Perspective

Businesses tend to eat, live, and breathe their product or service, whilst outsourcing agencies eat, live, and breathe the customers who will buy from you. It’s an excellent match, when handled right, and it can offer new perspectives on your product offering.

Having worked with a range of clients, OYM professionals can offer marketing ideas that are new and innovative. Often they are able to create new approaches, or propositions that would not have occurred to the core team because their focus is elsewhere.

5. Outsourcing Agencies Hire Sector Specialists

The power of our offering lies in our accumulated knowledge of sector marketing. Outsource Your Marketing currently has sector specialists who have headed up marketing campaigns for businesses in the following sectors: logistics, independent social care, recruitment, wealth management, construction, hospitality, medical research and property development.

Are You Ready to Outsource Content Marketing?

If our 5 reasons to outsource content marketing have persuaded you that your business could gain from outsourced content marketing, we would love to hear from you. The Outsource Your Marketing team is used to tailoring their work to the needs of our clients, and we’re happy to talk through the ways in which we can manage that with you.

If you would like to speak to a member of the OYM team about outsourcing content marketing, give us a call on 01234 900203


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