5 Ways an Outsourced Marketing Agency can help your Business

5 ways an outsourced marketing agency can help your business

Outsourcing is now considered a ‘smart’ business practice allowing businesses to access industry expertise in a way that just isn’t possible with more traditional staffing models. A recent study by Global Management Consulting, Bain & Company, discovered that success and outsourcing tend to go hand in hand. Their research revealed that businesses using outsourced services in innovative and strategic ways are able to operate faster and more flexibly than their competitors.

What Are the Advantages of an Outsourced Marketing Agency

Starting to think about outsourcing is a sign that your business is growing. As sales grow and more dedicated time is needed on your product or services, difficult decisions have to be made about who to hire and what to outsource.

Here are 5 reasons why outsourcing marketing can benefit your business plan:

1. Outsourcing Makes Economic Sense

Building a marketing team from scratch takes time and the commitment of fixed outgoings for the foreseeable future. By contrast, outsourcing your marketing gives you much greater flexibility with your cash. Being able to increase or minimise your spend according to your needs and your outgoings, allows you to prioritise your business spending when and where it’s needed.

2. Your Experts Are Free to Focus on Their Expertise

In the early stages of building a business everyone is happy to muck in and take on the jobs that need doing. As the company grows it’s crucial to ongoing success that expertise is used appropriately. If marketing has traditionally been passed around the team in an ad hoc way, outsourcing is a great way to replace well-intentioned effort with strategic planning and expertise.

3. Get Objective Eyes on Your Marketing Materials

For marketing to be successful, it needs to shape the business through the eyes of its customers. It’s a difficult perspective to achieve, but bringing a marketing agency on board offers the perfect opportunity. If you’re brave enough to encourage them to ‘tell it how it is’, you’ll get some valuable insights into how you’re perceived in the outside world. And then, you can set them the task of creating a strategic vision.

4. Outsourcing Puts Wings on Your Heels

When you’re dependent on in-house colleagues with numerous roles to fulfil, there’s bound to be an inbuilt delay in getting ideas to market. An outsourced marketing team is an entirely different proposition. You’ll be dealing with a larger, dedicated team of experts with all the resources they need instantly available. They will deliver fast, and to a consistently high standard.

5. Measurable Results

Training up a marketing team takes time, so measurable results may not kick in for a while. By contrast marketing agencies understand that everything they do must show a return on investment. You have the control of regular reporting, and if you’re not happy with the results, you can make an immediate adjustment. Outsourcing is a model that drives up the return on investment you can expect.

Outsource Your Marketing provides flexible expertise when you need it. Our in-house resources are supplemented by a network of trusted partners, allowing us to offer our services on last minute marketing jobs, long-term campaigns and large-scale promotions.


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