5 Ways to Find Your Business Story

5 Ways to Find Your Business Story

5 Ways to Find Your Business Story

When we’re young our world is very small, but stories allow us to have big adventures – without having to leave the place where we feel safe. As we grow older the stories change but that glorious encounter with a world that is strange and exciting to us remains.

We’re all story addicts, whether its sharing ghost stories at a sleepover, curling up on the sofa with a good book, or scrolling Instagram for new content. So, it makes sense that marketers are urging businesses to find stories as part of their content creation strategy. And consumers agree; in recent research 44% of participants said they would share a brand/business story they enjoyed.

Things It’s Important to Know About Your Business Story

Finding your business story is easier than it sounds, and you don’t have to be Shakespeare to craft your narrative. To set your mind at rest, here’s what consumers say they want from a business story:

  • Shoppers don’t want glossy and ‘perfect’ from marketing; they’d rather have ‘human’.
  • Feeling something in response to a story makes it memorable. Good stories are about emotions.
  • Consumers say that they’re interested in the goals and dreams of businesses.
  • Shoppers want to see that you listen to your customers, and care about their stories too.

5 Ways to Find Your Business Story

If you’re a Marvel or Star Wars fan you already know what the essential ingredients of a great story are. So, here’s 5 ways to unearth your compelling business story:

1. The Origin Story

We love to know how things started, and what the journey was to get to right now. It’s one of the oldest forms of storytelling and every business should tell it:

  • What was the problem, passion, injustice that made you want to start your business?
  • What did you do to get started?
  • What are the obstacles you’ve had to overcome along the way?

2. Rapunzel Stories

Rapunzel had to work out how to overcome her incarceration in a tall tower; her long hair was her salvation. What is the problem that your business solves? This is a story that works particularly well visually. Do you sell sticky tape that is strong enough to hang pictures, but doesn’t leave marks when you peel it off? Show your customers the problem, and its attendant anxiety, then provide them with the stress-free solution.

3. Who are Your Employees?

The majority of us are employees, and we all have stories to tell about the businesses we work for. And so, we enjoy watching people like us telling their stories. Why are your employees working for you? What do they enjoy about the work they do? And what’s special about your customers? Share on social media, or via your website.

4. Enter the Customer

Customer stories a pretty rare, and for this reason they’re like gold dust. These narratives probably take the most time and effort, but they will make an appreciable difference to your business. Find customers who are willing to give just a sentence on camera about your product or use the short interview format to hear their stories in more detail.

5. Are You Socially Responsible?

We all have an issue that concerns us enough to donate money regularly or change our behaviour. It could be environmental issues, world wildlife, or a local charity that’s dear to your heart. Share your passion with your customers and explain to them what action you’re taking as a business. Recent research shows that 71% of consumers are more likely to buy from socially responsible companies.

Working With Outsource Your Marketing

Excited by the thought of storytelling marketing but unsure how to begin? The OYM team love working in this way and would be delighted to help out. We can help to deliver your origin story, find, and develop employee stories, or create a ‘Rapunzel Story’ video for your website.

Interested in using our storytelling specialists to craft your compelling business story? Call us today on 01234 900203


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