8 Reasons To Outsource Content Writing

8 Reasons To Outsource Content Writing

Why Outsourced Content is Good For Your Business

There’s a good argument for producing your content in-house; after all, your customers come to you for your expertise, so why wouldn’t those experts write the content? Except that as your business starts to grow, there may not be the time to continue in the same way. At a certain point, looking to outsource content writing starts to feel like a good idea.

These are just a few of the ‘tipping points’ at which businesses call up Outsource Your Marketing to hire one of our content writers:

  • The person who’s been generating content has left the business.
  • The business wants a better return on resource they’re pouring into content.
  • There’s a new client and the team needs someone to hit the ground running with content for them.
  • The in-house team feels they would benefit from help to develop a content strategy.
  • There’s no longer the time to produce quality content in-house.

8 Reasons To Outsource Content Writing

Content is how your business speaks to the world. It has to communicate your expertise, your brand, and your passion for your business. Doing all three can be difficult if you’re dependent on your in-house team who may, or may not, have experience of marketing.

Professional content writers will take the content you have already created in-house, and use it as the foundation of their content going forward. Expertise will not be lost; instead, you’ll gain their experience, skills, and efficiency to support your expertise.

1. Outsourced Content Writers Work Efficiently

If you’re sat in your office with a long ‘to-do’ list, the copy you promised for the end of the week will be competing with a whole load of tasks that may feel more important. When you outsource content writing you get a professional who works efficiently to deadlines, because producing copy is their job. They’ll pick up your brief, or instruction, and complete it to an agreed deadline.

2. Content Writers Understand SEO

Outsourced Content Writers Work Efficiently

It’s possible that your team knows about SEO, but there’s no reason why they should. Search Engine Optimisation involves writing content that will rank well in Google. This has nothing to do with compromising on quality, quite the opposite; Google has extremely high standards around value for customers. Instead SEO is about understanding the logic of search engines, and applying that logic to all the content you create.

3. Outsourced Content Uses Keywords

This is a cornerstone of SEO. Keywords are the phrases or words customers use when looking for your product. They’re also signals that tell Google what the focus of your content is. This helps with matching your content to search enquiries, which drives more traffic to your website. Keywords are researched using SEO tools, and then incorporated naturally into copy. There would normally be one primary keyword, and 3-5 secondary keywords.

4. Bring An Outside Eye Inside

An outside eye is invaluable for business marketing, especially if it belongs to someone with knowledge and experience. If you’ve been working instinctively on your marketing, you are unlikely to have a sense of what your content looks like to the outside world. A content writer can provide you with a clear overview of what’s working well, and what needs improvement in your messaging, choice of channels, and content types.

5. Sector Expertise

When you outsource content writing you gain access to writers who may have expertise in a range of sectors as well as your own. They’ll have a clear idea of what your competitors are doing and, more important, what the trends are that you could be thinking about ahead of them. Often an outsourced writer will be able to cross-fertilise content ideas with other sectors; this can produce ideas that simply wouldn’t have surfaced otherwise.

6. Expert Recycling Techniques

Professional content creators are expert recyclers. Instead of endlessly generating new blogs or articles, they’ll rework existing content in order to present it to a different audience in a different form, on a new channel. So, they’ll extract data from a blog and turn it into an infographic. Highest performing blogs are turned into a slide share. A series of articles on a particular topic can be turned into an eBook which becomes a download on your website.

7. Produce Copy When You Need It

A full-time content creator may sound like the perfect solution to a hard-pressed team, but is that really what you need? Opting to outsource content writing allows you to pull in a professional when you need them, set the deadlines knowing they’ll be met, and only pay for the time they spend working on your project. And the money you save could be spent on another area of your digital marketing.

Produce Copy When You Need It

8. Outsource Content Writers To Do The Boring Stuff

Need 10 versions of the same copy, all slightly skewed to a different audience? That’s bread and butter to a professional writer. They’ll do the long-form articles, and the daily social media posts; write the email newsletters and SEO your website pages. Most important, they’ll do these tasks to a uniformly high standard, efficiently, and with equal focus given to each.

About Outsource Your Marketing

If you’re ready to outsource content writing, why not call us up to talk about what you need. The Outsource Your Marketing team offers bespoke outsourced marketing solutions to businesses whatever size and stage they’re currently at. Our team of professional content creators are ready to hit the ground running on your behalf and ensure that your business gets the support it needs to grow sales.

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