Automotive Digital Marketing

Automotive Digital Marketing

Automotive Digital Marketing

The global pandemic has created uncertainty and a slow down in sales for many sectors, but the UK automotive industry has taken a particular hit. Data published by the SMMT ( Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) earlier in the year demonstrated that the restriction imposed on car sales had resulted a significant drop in new car sales. The good news is that the end is hopefully in sight, and April should mark the beginning of a return to normal.

Outsource Your Marketing provides automotive digital marketing for local dealerships, independent garages and specialist service providers. Our clients are cautiously optimistic that once the country opens up again, people will be on the look out for new or replacement cars. In this blog we look at 5 digital marketing trends we’re using to welcome customers back and improve the automotive buying experience for them.

1. Digital Campaigns That Understand the Customer’s Journey

Buying a car is a major investment for most customers. So the journey from general interest, through careful research, to test drive and purchase takes time. On average it can take between 5-12 weeks to complete. Understanding that journey, and being the trusted friend that shares it with customers is key. At every stage we use digital platforms to answer questions, provide useful resources, book test drives and find the right finance plans.

2. It’s Not Just About Prices Any Longer

Customers like to be treated well, they like sales to be focused on their needs. Recent research showed that customers were willing to pay more if the service was excellent! Great service begins with your web design which is often the first port of call. Is it mobile responsive? Is the navigation simple and user-friendly? Are your call-to-actions clear and helpful?

3. Personalised Service – That Isn’t Stalking

Any salesperson will tell you that judging when it’s right to use a customer’s name can lose or gain you the sale. Personalised digital marketing is popular, but like anything else online, it needs to be more than a gimmick. Finding out what kind of resources your customer would find useful, and then delivering them in a personalised email is good. Shouting their name out in the subject line and then offering a generic message is poor.

4. AR Services to Delight Your Customers

It could be the case that customers feel uncomfortable travelling to car dealers for the next few months. Augmented Reality (AR) services could be a way to take the dealership to them. Imagine the delight of being able to see your personally specced up car in the driveway to your house via your iPad – in all its 3D glory. AR services allow you to build an emotional connection with your customers, even if they’re not in the showroom.

5. Using Messaging Apps to Make a Connection

WhatsApp has over 1.6 billion users. Most of your customers will have WhatsApp on their phone and expect you to use it when contacting them. Finding out how your potential customers prefer to be contacted is a hugely powerful sales tool. An email may languish in an unused inbox for months, whereas a Facebook Messenger notification gets immediate attention.

About Working With Outsource Your Marketing

OYM is a digital marketing agency that does the work you don’t have time for. We can be your personal marketing department, or we can manage your social media posts – and anything in-between. We are specialists in automotive marketing and have worked with high end London garages as well as local independents.

For an informal chat about what we could do to support your digital marketing, call our friendly team today on 01234 900203


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