CGI Property Marketing

CGI Property Marketing

The Benefits of Using CGI for Property Marketing

If you’re in the business of selling homes, you’ll know how important it is for buyers to ‘feel’ that the property is right for them the moment they step inside. The emotional experience involved in buying a house or apartment can’t be underestimated, and it’s not just about the physical viewings. Photography, the ‘artist’s impression’ and now CGI all have a hugely important part to play in marketing for estate agents and developers.

CGI, or computer generated imagery, turns ideas into reality. Selling on the back of 2D plans can be difficult, but a CGI architectural visualisation makes the sales process a whole lot easier. The software that’s used to create CGI isn’t new, but – as with any new technology – the full potential for its use is only now coming into focus. In this blog the Outsource Your Marketing CGI team offer 5 benefits of using CGI for property marketing.

1. Give Your Clients a Chance to Spend Time in a Property

A viewing is a great opportunity to show off the features of a property but it’s not the same as spending time in each room, imagining what it would be like to live there. An architectural walk through provides an experience-led event. Using CGI software, the walk through allows viewers to spend time in each room, get the feel of the property, and make an emotional connection to it.

architectural cgi

2. Forget the Floor Plans; Use Time Travel Instead

Thankfully it’s no longer necessary to ask buyers to do the work of turning floor plans and elevations into their future home. Instead, you can move them forward in time – thanks to architectural CGI – to when their house is complete. They’ll see the brick colour, and the way the sun falls on the building in the morning or afternoon. Many buyers find it really helpful to see the property in its geographical location; its distance from the road and from other houses.

3. CGI or Photos?

We’ve all seen photos that add nothing to the marketing of a particular property. Those photos where you wish the sun had been out, or the angle was better. CGI, also known as 3D rendering, is a dream come true for property marketing. The property can be seen at different times of the day, in different seasons, and from angles that would be impossible with a hand-held camera.

CGI Apartment Rendering

4. Good News For Developers

If you have a site in development your marketing goal will be to start circulating images from early on in the process. High quality CGI imagery gives potential buyers confidence in houses that don’t yet exist. They’ll be able to engage with the story of the development, get a clear sense of where it is located, and see what the natural geographical features are that surround it.

Property CGI Plan

5. Share Your CGI Images on Social Media

If you’ve got great images, you’ll want to share them – and so will buyers. Architectural visualisations are ideal for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. They catch the eye, provide the kind of detail that invites careful attention, and allow viewers to engage their imaginations – what if I lived there?

Outsource Your CGI for Property Marketing

Outsource Your Marketing is a UK based team of marketing specialists who do the work you don’t have time for. Our CGI team provides marketing for estate agents and property developers who need effective ways to sell their products. The clients we work with love the simplicity of the process, the level of control they have over the final product, and the sales their CGI for property marketing generates.

Would you like to talk to a CGI specialist about creating marketing materials for a property or new development? We’d love to hear from you on 01234 900203


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