Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing Strategies

3 Content Marketing Strategies

The term ‘content’ can feel a bit unwieldy. At one time people tended to mean ‘blog’ when they said it, but now it’s also videos, infographics, social media, white papers, case studies. Just looking at the sheer range of options can be dizzying. Which is where content marketing strategies come in.

A content marketing strategy helps you to make decisions. First it requires a goal – “We want to double the number of visitors to our website”, for example. Second, you decide on the resources that will help you to achieve that goal. In our example, you might ask the question: “What would visitors to our website find useful, or valuable? Then you create that content and monitor the results.

Our content marketing team have come up with 3 content marketing strategies they find useful when working with new clients:

1. Building Subject Authority

Suppose you’re a new business offering a service such as sales training. You don’t have a track record yet, but you need to grow your brand fast in order to attract customers. What content marketing strategies can help? Being seen as an authority is a key strategy in these circumstances. If your business keeps popping-up in response to online queries, you’ll appear to be the number 1 player.

The way you do this is to choose your subject area – let’s say ‘Sales Training Course’ and then start planning your content. At the centre should be your authority piece; an 8-10,000 word blog, or article which acts as a comprehensive guide to your offering. This is also known as a ‘Value Proposition’.

You then create smaller pieces of content (for social media, web pages, forums) with related titles such as ‘how to choose sales training’; ‘making the most of training opportunities’; ‘funding sales training’. Take a look at competitors to find out what kind of content they’re creating, and look for the questions that people ask about ‘sales training’ – these are your potential titles. All content should be SEO optimised to ensure it gets ranked and read.

2. Re-Purpose Existing Content

It’s all too easy to keep creating new content, without assessing and reviewing what already exists. For this you will need to install Google Analytics, which is free software. You will then be able to see which web pages are most – and least – visited, which blogs gain the most attention, and how long visitors are spending on your site.

This strategy allows you to learn which content your visitors value, and which they don’t. You can then adapt the content that performs less well to bring it in line with the most popular examples. Whilst you’re auditing your content, take note of pieces that are now out of date. Think about how you can make them relevant to current visitors – especially if people enjoyed them the first time around.

3. What Can You Share That’s Unique?

It’s often the content that businesses undervalue that is the most valued by visitors to their site. The most obvious example tends to be customer testimonials, but there’s also case studies, customer stories, research papers, focus groups, tips and tricks, or ‘how to’ guides.

Take a moment to think about what you know because of what you do, that other people don’t know. Then think about how you can create a compelling piece of content out of it. Here’s 3 suggestions from clients we’ve worked with:

  1. How to find old versions of web pages
  2. Video – Calculate the height your office desk and chair should be
  3. Nurses talk about how they overcame the challenges of mask wearing

This is the content marketing strategy that often yields the best results. And in some ways it’s the easiest to create, because it’s simply doing what we do best – sharing.

About Outsource Your Marketing

Outsource Your Marketing is a UK-based network of marketing professionals offering a range of outsourced services to business. We’ll do the big stuff – like creating and carrying out your content marketing strategy for you. But we’ll also do the smaller tasks you don’t have time for, like blog writing, keyword research, SEO enhanced content creation, or ongoing SEO marketing.

How can we help with your content marketing? If you’re thinking of outsourcing content creation, or you need someone to manage your content marketing strategy, call our friendly team to get started –  01234 900203


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