Digital Marketing for Logistics Companies

Digital Marketing for Logistics Companies

What is a Good Marketing Strategy in the Logistics Sector?

Sectors adopt technology at different speeds, and many logistics companies have relied on traditional marketing techniques for longer than most. Amazon was the catalyst for change; its transformation of the online selling experience has altered consumer expectations of eCommerce, and accelerated the adoption of digital marketing for logistics companies.

In 2022, there were over 60 million eCommerce users in the UK; the vast majority of British consumers had made at least one transaction online. This is great news for the logistics sector, but it also brings new challenges. Online shoppers are looking for speed, trustworthiness, connectivity, and personalisation.

Logistics Presents Unique Digital Marketing Challenges

The logistics sector, whether it’s order fulfilment, 3PLS, warehousing, or transportation present marketers with a set of unique challenges. OYM marketing managers offer digital marketing for logistics companies. In our experience, the consumer facing technology tends to be state-of-the art (WMS or inventory tracking, for example), whilst the digital marketing the business relies on to attract new eCommerce clients tends to lack strategic direction.

Digital Marketing for Logistics Companies – 4 Priorities

These are our key recommendations for logistics companies wanting to market their services online:

1. A Responsive Website Design

Many logistics companies have grown fast over the past decade – and this is evident from their website. Menus get unwieldy and become difficult to navigate; pages get written and rewritten as the business adapts, and loading gets slower as new images, files and content are added.

The most important investment for a logistics company is its website. Business website design needs to be accessible on all devices, fast loading, and easy for visitors to navigate

2. Search Engine Optimised Site

Website design should include search engine optimisation. No matter how good your web design, without SEO it won’t be searchable in Google or any of the search engines. SEO uses tech and content techniques to make your site ‘search engine ready’, so it’s easy for Google to match online queries to your content.

Choose a web design agency that includes SEO marketing as part of the design process. Without it your site won’t be competitive.

3. Demonstrate Your Green Credentials

Sustainability is going to become a major differentiator as we mover towards Net Zero in 2050. Transport is currently the UK’s largest greenhouse gas emitting sector, and logistics companies are looking for strategies to improve the efficiency of their transport planning, reduce emissions, and electrify their fleets.

Around 75% of UK shoppers consider the environment to be one of the top issues facing the country. This has to be part of any digital marketing for logistics companies.

4. Use PPC to Stimulate Growth

Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns can provide an instant spike in your online sales enquiries. You can place ads on social media channels, at the top of the Google search results page, in fact wherever your customers are likely to be. The ads use smart technology which means that they appear to searchers who are actively looking for your product or service. You pay a fee only when someone clicks through.

PPC offers you the opportunity to place your logistics company in a prime online position, targeting shoppers who are ready to buy your product.

About Outsource Your Marketing

Digital marketing for logistics companies comes down to understanding the sector’s unique challenges, and focusing on sales growth as a priority.

The Outsource Your Marketing team offers bespoke outsourced marketing solutions to logistics businesses whatever size and stage they’re currently at. Our team of digital marketers includes marketing strategists, project leaders, logistics sector specialists, and experienced freelancers covering all the services you may require.

 Still have questions about digital marketing for logistics companies? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help – 01234 900203


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