Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

5 Ways to Kick-Start Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Leaflets have their place, brochures and catalogues are ‘nice-to-haves’, but digital marketing is key to building your network and growing your sales. And there’s no reason not to use digital; the price of entry is much lower than with traditional marketing; there’s more of a level playing field, and you don’t require any particular skills to build your brand. So what’s stopping you?

‘Time’ is likely to be the answer. Most small businesses are time-poor and digital marketing is a greedy taskmaster. Very few small businesses have the luxury of marketing professionals, or even people who can dedicate time regularly to marketing activities. That’s why Outsource Your Marketing has come up with a digital marketing for small businesses plan. It’s designed to help you get started. We recommend the top 5 activities you need to find time for, with the time you need to allot to each one.

1. Research Your Competitors (60-90 mins)

Before you start creating and posting content, it’s important to find out what differentiates you. Otherwise you’re making the job of selling twice as difficult. Find out who your competitors are (you probably know already) and check out how they’re selling themselves. So where’s the gap in the market? What could you offer to your customers that’s different and makes buying from you a ‘no-brainer’?

2. What’s Your Page Loading Speed? (Check – 10 mins)

Google changed the way it ranks websites in its search engine earlier this year. It will now favour websites that load fast by ranking them higher than those that are slow to load. So if your site takes longer than 5 seconds you’re likely to be relegated. Check your current speed using PageSpeed Insights. You’ll be given a list of actions that improve the speed. Dependent on the length of the list you may want to outsource your speed optimisation

3. Set Up One Social Media Channel (Set Up – 60 mins, Posting – 2 hours weekly)

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Get good at one social media channel before trying to manage multiple channels. So which social media site should you choose?

  • B2B Businesses. LinkedIn first, then Twitter.
  • B2C Businesses. Facebook if your customers are aged 30 upwards, Instagram if they’re 30 downwards.

Each channel requires a slightly different approach, and it will take you time to learn the ropes. The most important step is to get your initial group of followers, so ask friends, existing customers, get everyone in the business and their families to like and follow you. Then you can work on expanding your reach to people you don’t know.

4. Start Blogging (2 hours per blog, 1 blog per week)

Blogs won’t give you instant results but their benefits will continue to accrue long after publication. There are two golden rules with blogging for business: First, you should choose topics to blog about that are relevant or interesting to your customers. Second, you need to blog regularly. Try to hit the 500 word range, and make sure that all your social media followers know when you publish a new one.

5. Claim Your Google My Business Page (1 hour)

Google processes 63,000 search queries each second and most of them come from mobiles. ‘Google My Business’ is designed to help online businesses build their business profile and optimise their sites for this function. If you haven’t already, claim your ‘Google My Business’ profile, and take time to complete all the fields accurately. It’s absolutely free.

Want to Outsource Your Digital Marketing?

The Outsource Your Marketing team are here to help. We’re a team of digital marketers, web designers and graphic designers who can set up your social media channel, write blogs to your brief, or create a marketing strategy for you. All you have to do is tell us what you want, and we’ll provide an affordable solution.

Looking for help with digital marketing for your small business? Let’s start talking about a solution. Call the Outsource Your Marketing team on 01234 900203


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