Does Your Website Copy Need Updating?

Does Your Website Copy Need Updating?

Website not performing the way it should? Even though you’ve got the loading speed up, improved the imagery, added a chat bot and shot a video?

Maybe it’s time to take a close look at your web copy.  It’s often the very last thing that businesses consider when they’re looking for performance improvement, but those chunks of text have the power to make or break your website. If you’re getting plenty of site visitors but most of them are bouncing off to other websites, there’s a good chance that the copy needs a refresh.

Does your website copy need updating? The Outsource Your Marketing content team has come up with 5 checks that will give you a clear indication if your copy needs updating.

1. The Product Copy is Outdated

If it’s been a few years since the copy was written there’s every chance that your product has evolved whilst your copy remains stuck in time. Or maybe different versions of your product description appear on different bits of the website.

Take a look at the featured content around your product. Does it look old and tired? Is it still relevant to your current brand message?

2. Who is Your Website Speaking To?

It’s not only your product that evolves; your customer demographic does too. Take a look at the tone of the content. Is the voice still relevant to your current demographic? Does it sound fresh and energetic, or has the tone become stale?

Writing styles age in the same way that online memes do. Words fall out of favour and phrases that once had relevance drain of meaning.

3. Are the Pain Points Still Accurate?

The world has changed dramatically over the past two years and so have the problems that people need solving. Are the pain points discussed in your copy still relevant? Your customers could be affected by a supply chain problem; they could be reconfiguring their offices for hybrid working. Are you demonstrating a detailed understanding of what their most current problems are?

4. Is Your Copy Left Over From An Old Site?

Sometimes old copy gets migrated across to a new site design without too much attention being paid to it. As a result, it can lose its coherence and flow. In some cases, its new context can render it redundant.

Get a reader from outside your business to read the homepage of your website. Then ask them whether they know what it is you do?

5. Are Your SEO Keywords Up to Date?

SEO research needs constant updating as the trends change constantly. If your site was Search Engine Optimised by an agency as part of the design, there’s every chance that the keywords chosen then are no longer relevant now.

Try searching in Google for your products, using the kind of phrases and descriptors that your customers use. If your business is nowhere to be seen, you need new SEO enriched copy.

How Often Does Website Copy Need Updating?

There’s no simple answer to this. We get used to the copy on our website, to such an extent that we cease to see it after a while. So, like every other aspect of website design, it needs auditing every 2 or 3 years by a professional copywriter who is able to tell you where the problems lie, and what needs to be done to rectify them.

Outsourcing Content Writing

OYM helps businesses to update their website copy. Using copywriting professionals, we ensure that business goals are reflected clearly and compellingly, to their intended audience. Our SEO enriched copy utilises relevant, high-volume keywords naturally within the flow of the writing. We’ll give your copy the care and attention it needs to cut through with your customers.

Would you like to talk to a member of the team about outsourcing your marketing? Call us today on 01234 900203 or message us.


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