Get Your Business Online Fast

Get Your Business Online

How to Get Your Business Online Fast

It’s a massive understatement to say that the past few weeks have been a difficult time for small British businesses.  There’s few people in the UK who haven’t been touched emotionally or financially – and in most cases both – by the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of the clients we’ve been working with at Outsource Your Marketing talk about the severe shock to the system it has created, both personally and commercially.

One of the most difficult things to come to terms with is the uncertainty. We’re now gradually removing the lockdown, and hopefully retail businesses will be able to open their doors again soon. But scientists warn of the potential for a ‘second wave’ which could take us back to lockdown once more. Having weighed up the options, many businesses are now changing their business model to suit the times.

A Third of Small Businesses Have Moved Online

Recent reports from Small Business Britain and BT Skills for Tomorrow show that 36% of small businesses in the UK are moving online and 33% of businesses are adapting their product (offering takeaway, for example), or services in response to the pandemic. Whilst economic modelling for the future shows a contraction of the economy, nevertheless 27% of businesses that have moved online report new customers gained.

What Does ‘Moving Online’ Mean?

The simple answer to this is that your business shifts from selling face-to-face at specified times of the day, in a physical location, to 24 hour sales, online. Many businesses have already made the shift and consider it a ‘win, win’ decision. Even if we’re able to go back to High St sales in the near future, your business will have an additional online presence, and – potentially – new products or services to sell.

How Can Outsource Your Marketing Help?

We’re currently offering a ‘Get Your Business Online’ package for people who don’t have the resources, or confidence, to tackle the process themselves. Outsourcing means that you have skilled and experienced marketing team working for you, with the goal of getting your business up and running online quickly and effectively.

The ‘Get Your Business Online’ package includes:

  • WordPress Website. A professionally designed website to showcase your products online.
  • Ecommerce Website. If you plan to sell online the design will incorporate eCommerce functions.
  • Search Engine Optimisation. Your website will be SEO optimised using keywords to help customers find you and ensuring that you appear in Google search engines.
  • Mobile Friendly Design. The majority of online searches and sales happen on mobiles; your website will automatically adapt to look good on any kind of screen.
  • Local Search Capability. If you’re a local business we’ll ensure that you’re featured as such in the Google search engine by appearing just under the paid ads.
  • Social Media. Our SMM team will set up your account for two social media platforms of your choice.

Outsource Your Marketing Supports Small Businesses

At Outsource Your Marketing we go out of our way to help you start your own business online. Our friendly, professional team is happy to advise, support every step of the way. We’re currently working with businesses that are successfully moving online. Call us to find out how we can make that happen for you.

“We’re too small for a marketing team, which means we’ve been trying to do it ourselves. Outsource Your Marketing is exactly what we needed to get us on track. Everyone I’ve dealt with so far knows their stuff and understands what we should be doing better than we do. They handle all our social media, PPC, content writing and seo. A few months in and we’ve had loads more customers to our site and our conversion rate is noticeably better. A great find. Really recommend this company.”

– Paul Horsley

Wondering how to grow your business online? Outsource Your Marketing has a team of experts ready to help. Start your online business today – call 01234 900203


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