Health and Social Care Marketing

Health and Social Care Marketing

Discover the benefits of outsourcing for success

Are you a care home provider struggling to keep up with the demands of marketing? Discover the advantages of outsourcing this crucial task for increased visibility, enquiries, and long-term success. In recent years, the social care sector has seen a significant surge in demand for specialised marketing services. This reflects a growing understanding among private operators that a strong health and social care marketing strategy is essential for staying competitive.

Unlike the UK’s publicly funded healthcare system, social care requires individuals to pay for services. With 83% of England’s care homes privately owned, the market is highly competitive. The large companies that own around a third of these, have substantial resources and can invest heavily in marketing to maintain their edge.

To attract residents and thrive, independent care home operators and home care providers need effective marketing strategies. However, developing and managing successful campaigns demands specialised skills and significant time – resources many care providers may lack.

The Competitive Advantage of Outsourced Marketing in Social Care

In the competitive social care sector, a strong online presence and targeted marketing strategies are no longer optional – they’re essential for attracting residents, or clients and ensuring long-term success. However, managing a comprehensive marketing campaign can feel overwhelming for many care home providers. Staff time may be stretched thin, and in-house expertise in areas like SEO or social media management might be limited.

If you simply don’t have the team or the headspace to manage a marketing campaign, outsourcing your marketing can be transformative to your business. Here’s how partnering with a specialised agency can support your care home:

• Expertise & Efficiency. Work with a team of marketing experts who understand the health and social care marketing sector and have proven success in reaching your target audience.

• Focus on What Matters Most. Free up your valuable time to focus on delivering the very best care to your residents.

• Cost-Effectiveness. Avoid the outlay of building and managing an in-house marketing team. Pay only for the specific services you need and see a proper return on your financial outlay.

• Data-Driven Strategies. Get regular reports on how your campaign’s performing and optimisation based on real-time data, ensuring your marketing efforts are constantly improving and delivering the best results for you.

How We Help Care Providers Succeed

Once we understand your unique strengths and target audience, we can develop the digital marketing strategy that will serve you best:

• Targeting Your Audience. We pinpoint who makes the decisions involved in choosing care providers (often family members) and we tailor your message to speak directly and immediately to their concerns.

• Boosting Visibility. Through SEO optimisation, we make sure that your care home, or home care services appear prominently in relevant Google searches, increasing the number of visitors to your site.

• Building Trust. We make sure your website is as user-friendly, helpful, and informative as possible, and that it showcases your care approach. We make sure it’s easy for potential residents to learn more, take action, and contact you.

• Targeted Recruitment Campaigns. Our PPC specialists can develop advertising campaigns across online channels to reach qualified candidates and showcase your care home as a great place to work. Highlight your unique culture, benefits, and opportunities for professional development.

Supporting Care Providers

We see, time and again, the heart and soul that drives independent health and social care providers. Your unwavering commitment to compassionate, high-quality care deserves to be recognised and celebrated. That’s why the Outsource Your Marketing team is passionate about creating marketing strategies that connect you with those who need your services most.

Supporting Care Providers

Our mission is to amplify your message, making it easier for individuals and families to find the care and resources that match up with their specific needs.

About Outsource Your Marketing

Outsource Your Marketing is a UK-based team with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing the health and social care sector. Our approach combines industry expertise with a focus on your organisation’s distinct strengths and goals. We’re proud to support healthcare providers, social care providers, GP locum agencies, healthcare recruiters, and wellness trainers.

Why Choose Us

Shared Values. We recognise your dedication to making a positive impact in people’s lives.

Results-Driven Strategies. Our goal is to increase your visibility, attract new clients, and help your long-term growth.

Clear Communication. We view our clients as partners and prioritise collaboration at every stage of the process.

Let’s work together to reach those who need your care the most. Contact us today to explore how we can create the marketing you need to succeed – 01234 900203


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