Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing

5 Reasons to Outsource Healthcare Marketing

If you’re leading up a healthcare marketing team – or if you ARE the marketing team – you’re probably pretty stretched. In any month, it’s likely you’re collating materials for an eMarketing newsletter, creating original content for the website, and maintaining one or more busy social media channels.

So, if you were given the opportunity to outsource part, or all of your healthcare marketing, what are the tasks that you would like to see going to a sector specialist? And what are the campaigns or new projects that you could get on with once you had the head space to give them some careful thought?

OYM is a Healthcare Marketing Specialist

At Outsource Your Marketing our healthcare sector specialists work with private homecare providers, locum recruitment agencies, supported housing, and medical marketing research. Here are some examples of the kind of work we carry out regularly for them.

1. Expertise Available Instantly

Clients call on our team as and when they need extra flex in their resources. Often, we’ll design and manage a PPC campaign, or create marketing materials for an event. These discrete tasks relieve pressure on the permanent team, and there’s no need to train up people – simply give us a brief and we get on with the job. Once the task is complete, you can scale back.

2. We’ll Project Manage For You

We’ve recently completed a new design for a homecare provider’s website. Once the brief was agreed, we project managed every stage of the process. So rather than your team managing a range of providers or stakeholders, you have an OYM contact who will take care of it all and report back regularly on progress.

3. New Marketing Ideas

The healthcare specialists we work with at OYM have experience of a range of clients in the sector. As such, they can bring a new perspective to any healthcare marketing decisions that you’re taking. They know what has worked well elsewhere and can advise on the kind of digital content that online searchers are looking for.

4. Outsource Your Social Media

One of the most popular tasks we take on for healthcare marketing teams is social media marketing. If you’re new to social media, we can advise on the best platforms to engage with, and we can schedule posts created by the in-house team or create content on your behalf.

5. We’ll Make You More Productive

Simply knowing that they have backup allows teams to work more effectively, as it relieves the pressure. Most important, a specialist outsourced team isn’t like engaging agency workers; our campaign managers, content creators, designers and digital marketing experts hit the ground running in order to fulfil your brief, to your deadline.

Working With Outsource Your Marketing

Whatever it is you need help with, or your healthcare marketing team don’t have the time or resources to cover, Outsource Your Marketing is ready and waiting to step in. Everything we do is measured by goals we set with you, and you’ll get regular updates and reports from your project manager.

Ready to talk? If you would like us to work with you on developing a brand strategy, call us today on 01234 900203


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