Home Care Marketing Solutions

Home Care Marketing Solutions

Outsourcing Home Care Marketing Solutions

I predict a growth in privately purchased care due to a combination of people not getting any/the right care from councils and people making lifestyle choices about care at home rather than residential careKen Deary, CEO, Right at Home UK

Home care – or domiciliary – care services are a growing sector in the UK provision of social care. In 2018 the Care Quality Commission counted 7,000 providers, the majority of which were small or private businesses. Provision will need to increase steadily in order to support an ageing population. By 2030, the ONS predicts that 1 in 5 people in the UK will be aged 65 or over.

Does the British Public Understand Home Care?

A recent British Social Attitudes survey carried out by the National Centre for Social Research, demonstrated both a dissatisfaction with social care provision, and a poor understanding of it. Only a quarter of those polled said that they were satisfied by social care arrangements, and 9% consistently selected the ‘I don’t know’ option.

For many people the complexities of arranging social care get mixed up with the emotional process of acknowledging a parent’s inability to cope. Additionally, a decade of austerity has meant that we haven’t had a national conversation about how to care for older and vulnerable people in our society. This leaves many people feeling perplexed, anxious and sometimes guilty that they can’t take on the care of elderly relatives themselves.

Marketing to Private Users

As the need for high quality home care grows, more providers are starting to market their services to privately funded users, or those in receipt of a direct payment from the local authority. This can be a daunting process for small businesses whose primary focus is on recruiting care givers, and offering tailored care packages.

Key questions for private home care providers dipping their toes for the first time into the digital marketing process are:

  • How do I reach my key demographic?
  • What’s the best way to let people know I exist?
  • How can I compete with the big home care providers?
  • What are my differentiators and how do I brand my business?

Why Outsourcing Home Care Marketing Solutions Makes Sense

Very few private home care businesses have a marketing budget sufficient to recruit a full-time marketing specialist. And yet, without marketing expertise a small business will struggle to find a foothold against the larger operators. Many private providers are now outsourcing their marketing strategy to specialist agencies with a knowledge of the sector.

There are a number of benefits to outsourcing home care marketing, including:

  • A team of marketing experts available instantly to work with your business
  • Sector knowledge and experience is shared to develop your strategy
  • Innovative marketing techniques are utilised to reach your demographic
  • Targets are set, followed by regular reporting on results
  • All work is project managed with one person as your point of contact

Managing Your Budget

So you’re thinking ‘home care marketing solutions sound great, but how do I afford them?’. The good news is that our outsourced solutions are designed to be self funding. The business we bring in will cover the amount the you spend on marketing. And if you’re not happy with the arrangement, you can stop it instantly.

About Outsource Your Marketing

Outsource Your Marketing is a UK-based, closely knit team of marketing experts. OYM is currently working with healthcare providers, social care providers, GP locum agencies, healthcare recruiters and wellness trainers. There’s a whole range of marketing solutions we can provide, including: social media management, pay-per-click campaigns, search engine optimisation, content creation, email marketing and website design.

If you need home care marketing solutions, call the Outsource Your Marketing team today on 01234 900203. Find out how we work, and what we can do for you.


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