How to Market Your Online Business

How to Market Your Online Business

10 Digital Marketing Tips for Online Retailers

There are an estimated 60 million shoppers online which is an amazing opportunity for online retailers. The challenge they face is how to market your online business, so that your product is seen when the competition is fierce. Advertising does some of the heavy lifting but it’s expensive, and a diverse approach tends to offer a better return. This Outsource Your Marketing guide offers 10 digital marketing tips for promoting your business.

1. Claim Your Google Business Profile

It takes time to start ranking well in Google search listings, but a Google Business Profile creates an instant presence, and it’s free. It’s easy to set up and gives your business access to Google Maps. Customers can leave reviews, you can add weekly snippets from your website or blog, and when searchers click on your profile, they can see all the info they need to be sure that you’re legitimate.

2. Optimise Your Site for Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is one of the best ways to amplify your brand and increase your visibility online. Comprehensive optimisation requires time and resources, but using appropriate keywords will certainly help with your online rankings.

Optimise Your Site for Search Engine Optimisation

Keywords are words or phrases that online shoppers use when searching for your product. If these same keywords are used in your web content, Google will potentially match your site to the online searcher. A successful SEO strategy is evidenced by a top ranking on Google, and a growing number of visitors to your site.

3. Call in the Experts

Creating a network helps with the promotion of your online business, because it means you’re not doing all the work yourself. Take a look at the bloggers and social influencers who are working in your sector. Reach out and ask them to offer a top tip, a story or some content to your website, in return for a lot of coverage from you on social media, etc.

If anyone agrees, make the most of the opportunity. Share, share, share. Then, share the responses you get to your sharing in the form of a blog, or a social media post. This virtually guarantees that your original contributor will also then share, because you’re creating great publicity for them.

4. Write a Blog

Write a Blog

In our experience at OYM, creating a business blog that reveals the people behind the products helps enormously with developing a loyal group of customers and followers. Your blog doesn’t have to be literature; You might just want to talk about your team or provide useful product hints and tips or share a case study. The most popular blogs are those that offer helpful solutions to the ‘pain point’ your product addresses.

5. Product Reviews Are Priceless

Many sales occur only after customers have read product reviews. The difference between working face-to-face and online is all about trust. If I walk into your shop, I get loads of signals I can read about whether or not I trust you and your products. Online it’s more difficult to build that trust. Verified reviews are crucial signals that your brand and product is legitimate.

6. Make Sharing Easy

Shopping is a social activity, whether you’re online, or on the High Street, and social share buttons make it happen. If someone likes what they see on your site, easy-to-see share buttons ensure they can share what they’ve found on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. And if online shoppers share, they’ll get feedback from friends which means more traffic to your site, and more likelihood of a sale.

7. Don’t Forget Email

55% of email recipients say that they’re influenced by email marketing they’ve subscribed to. Email campaigns are a great way to keep in contact with customers. Shoppers can be invited to submit their email for a small discount on their first purchase. Thereafter, you might want to contact them when you’re introducing a new product or offering a promotion. You can also personalise your email content according to your customers’ particular interests, or profession.

8. Think Omnichannel

Online shoppers are increasingly expecting to be able to search and shop in any way they want, on any channel. For example, they may start out on Facebook and get interested in a particular item as a result of a social feed. They should be able to see details, order it and arrange delivery to a pick-up point at a local store, without leaving the app.

The more ways you give your customers to chat, order and ask questions, the more potential business you’re creating.

9. Use Social Media to Engage Customers

Part of your online business launch should include invites to your social media followers to check out your new site. There are thousands of networking sites out there, but for local businesses selling goods or services, Facebook and Instagram are probably the best option.

It’s easy to set up an account, and the key to success is regular posts, and a desire to get to know your followers, rather than just selling to them. Create quizzes, start topical conversations, post interactive content. The trick is to develop a community, rather than just a place to sell.

10. Star in Your Own Video

Don’t ignore YouTube. It’s got around 2 billion monthly users and it’s the second largest search engine. It’s a great marketing opportunity, but the majority of businesses ignore it. Why? Because they think they need to shoot Oscar-winning material to market their products.

We’re social animals, humans like watching humans. Create a short video talking about your business, your team, why you love what you do, and that’s good enough. Show your customers how to use your product, run through a top tip with them, or showcase something new.

Talk to Us About How to Market Your Online Business

Every business is unique, and the way they market their online business will be unique too. If you’re looking for an outsourced digital marketing strategy that will work for your business, talk to us about it. We’ll suggest a solution that will give you what you need to start successfully promoting your online business.

Our team of digital marketers are specialists across social media, online marketing strategy, web design, SEO, email marketing and content creation. They’ve all worked across a range of sectors, work at the cutting edge, and understand how to market online businesses successfully – whatever their size.

If you would like to talk to us about how to market your online business, call the OYM team today – 01234 900203


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