How to Outsource Graphic Design

How to Outsource Graphic Design

How to Outsource Graphic Design

Outsourcing makes it possible for your business to grow. Why develop in-house skills in every department when you have the option to exercise your skills and sector knowledge by outsourcing to people who can fulfil your brief?

If you’re a small to medium sized business looking for high quality graphic design at an affordable price, outsourcing is a great option. You’ll be tapping into a highly skilled and competitive marketplace, and making relationships with creative graphic designers which you can call on as and when you need them.

How to Find the Right Outsourced Graphic Design

Businesses get nervous about how to outsource graphic design because there’s a number of different ways to approach it, making it difficult to know where to start.

Here’s 3 of the most popular options, with a brief consideration of their pros and cons:

1) Pay Per Hour. Sites like PeoplePerHour put businesses (buyers) in contact with a massive pool of freelancers who deliver a range of services cheaply. There are 3 ways to buy. You can purchase fixed-price graphic design services. You can upload a brief and invite proposals. Or you can take a look at profiles and contact graphic designers direct.

If you have a simple graphic design job, and a limited budget, this is a good option. The idea of the site is to drive down prices which is good news for start-ups and individuals. Remember, though, that the freelancers you choose will be working against the clock in order to make any profit.

2) Freelance Graphic Designers. If you’re looking for sector expertise, or you’re launching a print marketing campaign that requires creative leadership, you may want to bring in a freelance graphic designer. They’ll work as part of the marketing team for the duration of their contract. In this case they need the right background, skills, and be a good fit for the company culture.

Bringing in a creative outsider can benefit the existing team enormously. They get an injection of energy, the benefit of a fresh perspective, and access to a range of new skills. Recruiting a freelance graphic designer is a time consuming process, however. Most businesses taking this approach start by searching a specialist directory for appropriately qualified applicants.

3) Outsourcing Agency. For businesses that need to be able to ‘plug in’ to a network of experts at a moment’s notice, an outsourcing agency is a great option. This is a team of skilled and experienced graphic designers who work together to produce high quality work. They include a range of specialisms, meaning that complex graphic design projects can be spread across the team.

Outsourcing agencies aim to save their clients money by streamlining design processes. They will also bring to the table a network which includes print partnerships, ensuring cost effectiveness at every stage. They’ll work with your team, or offer remote working. These tend to be highly efficient, professional networks that hit deadlines with precision and deliver on both standards and price.

About Outsource Your Marketing

At Outsource Your Marketing we provide a range of specialist teams to businesses who wish to outsource an aspect of their marketing. Our outsourced graphic design team has created logos, brochures, business cards, letter headings, banners and leaflets, related to a broad range of sectors including: automotive, construction and development, estate agents, financial, electrical contracting, plumbing and household, retail and shop-fitting, aircraft design and age verification.

If you need a team of skilled and experienced graphic designers that you can call on at a moment’s notice, call Outsource Your Marketing today on 01234 900203


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