How to Write a Call to Action That Works

How to Write a Call to Action That Works

Master the Art of the Call to Action

Read this blog and quadruple your conversions!

Now, that’s a bold claim and one that’s way beyond our power to predict! It’s simply there to highlight exactly why the Call to Action (CTA) is so incredibly powerful. This little marketing gem packs a punch, telling your audience, “Do this, and you’ll reap these rewards.”

In essence, it’s the cornerstone of your marketing efforts – it’s about getting people to take that desired action, whether it’s signing up for your newsletter, booking a consultation, or making a purchase. In this blog, the Outsource Your Marketing team take a look at how to write a call to action that works, one that hooks people’s attention and motivates them to take the next step.

What is a Call to Action in Marketing?

A CTA is a clear and direct message that tells your reader exactly what you want them to do next. It’s like a signpost in your marketing materials, guiding potential customers towards a specific action. These CTAs can appear anywhere – from social media ads to website landing pages to email newsletters.

For example, imagine your ideal customer sees your Facebook ad. Intrigued, they click the Learn More button. That CTA takes them to your landing page, where a compelling Subscribe Now button awaits. Now hooked, they might receive a newsletter with a tempting Buy Now CTA that seals the deal.

How to Write a Call to Action (CTA) That Works

Ready to turn your marketing messages into conversions? A well-crafted Call to Action (CTA) has the power to grab attention and spark that irresistible urge to click. Whether it’s a snappy social media ad, an enticing email, or a persuasive landing page, the right CTA can mean the difference between a missed opportunity and a new lead.

1. The Power of Action Verbs

Let’s be real – you’ve got limited space to make your point. Don’t waste time beating around the bush. Hit your readers with a strong action verb right at the start of your CTA.

Think of it like this:

  • Dull CTA: Learn more about our services.
  • Energised CTA: Schedule your free consultation today.

CTA: OpticalExpress

Feel the difference? Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

  • Selling products? Start with Buy, Shop, or Order.
  • Sharing content? Try Download or Subscribe.
  • Offering a service? Go with Call Now or Book Today.

Your CTA shouldn’t just describe something – it should nudge that click!

2. The Key to Clicks – Give Them a “Why?”

CTA: Mindful Chef

Think of your CTA as a promise, not just a command. You need to show your audience what’s in it for them – how will clicking that button improve their life? Will it streamline their work, help them reach their goals, or save them a chunk of cash?

This is where your USP (Unique Selling Point) comes into play. What makes your service or product stand out? Distill that ‘special something’ into your CTA for maximum impact.

Let’s break it down:

  • Problem: Your customer struggles with an unhealthy diet, for example.
  • Promise: Your CTA offers a solution – Start eating a healthier diet today!
  • Proof: Link this back to your USP – why YOU are the best solution.

The magic is in that sweet spot where the reader’s needs meet your unique offering. That’s the “why” that will have them clicking!

3. The Heart of the Click – Emotional Copywriting

Want your CTAs to pack a real punch? Tap into the power of emotions! A carefully crafted CTA can ignite a spark within your readers, making them eager to take that next step.

Here’s how to hit those emotional buttons:

Emotional Copywriting

CTA: Heald Solicitors Milton Keynes

  • Aspiration. Take the first step towards the new you! (This targets a desire for self-improvement)
  • Excitement. Plan the voyage of a lifetime! (Think of how this might seduce a travel enthusiast)
  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Limited time offer – claim yours now! (Creates a sense of urgency)
  • Trust. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Get started risk-free! (Addresses potential customer hesitation)

Think about your ideal customer – What are their dreams, fears, and pain points? Tailor your CTA to address those emotions, turning “click here” into an irresistible invitation.

4. Desktop vs. Mobile – Tailoring Your CTA for Different Devices

Not all CTAs are created equal! The way people interact with your content can differ depending on whether they’re on a desktop computer or a mobile device. Here’s how to optimise your CTAs for each platform:

  • Desktop Users. They tend to have more screen space and might be willing to engage with slightly longer CTAs. Think clear descriptions like Download our Free E-book or Schedule a Personalised Consultation.
  • Mobile Users. Smaller screens and limited attention spans call for concise CTAs. Focus on strong verbs, clear benefits, and make sure any phone numbers are clickable. A simple Call Now can be extremely effective, allowing people to connect with you instantly.

Keep it simple and focus on that irresistible “why” for clicking, no matter the device!

5. Is Your CTA Hitting the Mark?

Creating the perfect CTA takes time and analysis. Don’t just launch it and hope for the best! Here’s how to know if your CTA is actually getting the job done:

  • Track Your Clicks. Most web analytics tools (like Google Analytics) will show you how many people are clicking on your CTA. This is your baseline metric.
  • Observe User Behaviour. Heatmaps and user session recordings can give you insights into how people interact with your page and your CTA. Do they seem confused or hesitant?
  • Look Beyond the Click. Did that click ultimately lead to a desired action (subscription, purchase, consultation)? Make sure your CTA aligns with the next step in your customer journey for ultimate success.

The Gold Standard – A/B Testing

Want to be sure you’ve found the perfect CTA? A/B testing is the way to go. Try slightly different variations (think different wording, colours, or placement) and see which one performs the best. This data-driven approach takes the guesswork out of optimisation.

Level Up: The Power of Smart CTAs

Ready to personalise your marketing messages? Smart CTAs (also known as personalised CTAs) are like your digital marketing optimisers. They adapt their message based on what they know about the reader, delivering a tailored experience.

Why they’re smart:

• Relevancy. Instead of the same CTA for everyone, smart CTAs offer content based on a visitor’s past interactions. First-time visitor? They might see Learn More. Returning customer? They could be presented with a Claim Your Discount option.

• Higher Conversions. By serving up the right message at the right time, smart CTAs can boost your click-through rates (CTRs) and ultimately lead to more conversions.

How to get started – You’ll need marketing automation tools that support audience segmentation and dynamic content. Popular options include HubSpot and Marketo

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