Is Hiring a Blogger Good for Your Business?

Should you hire a blogger to promote your business

Is Hiring a Blogger Good for Your Business?

Regular blogging increases traffic to your website – marketers are pretty much in agreement on this. Current research shows that publishing 11 or more blogs each month, brings in 3.5 more leads than companies publishing 0-4 posts. And for smaller companies, the results are particularly good. Blogging, therefore, lends an immediate competitive advantage.

So why isn’t every business blogging 3 times a week? The clients that contact us give 3 main reasons why it doesn’t get off the ground:

  1. Not Enough Time. There are team members who are willing and enthusiastic, but they struggle to find the time to research and write more than a couple of blogs a month.
  2. Lack of Experience. There’s no-one on the team who has much experience writing, and so the job tends to get handed around like a hot potato.
  3. Will it Work? Blogging is a big commitment of time and energy. Lack of faith in its ROI is one of the most common stumbling blocks companies encounter.

If any of these sound familiar, hiring a blogger could offer a way forward. Outsourcing isn’t a silver bullet, but it does offer a business model that allows for the introduction of a content marketing strategy,  in a cost effective way. When hiring bloggers you pay for the blogs they produce, which is far better value than taking on a new employee, or tying up one of your existing team.

Professional Bloggers Write for a Living

A professional blogger makes writing prose look easy, but in fact it’s a skill which is honed over years of experience. An experienced commercial writer will be able to research and write a 500-1,000 word blog in a matter of hours. More than that, they’ll carry out competitor analysis in the process, to ensure that the tone, vocabulary and subject matter is right for your sector.

Search Engine Optimisation is Part of Blogging

Freelance bloggers understand the importance of getting your blogs ranking high in the Search Engines.  In order to achieve this, they’ll research high volume keywords related to your product or service, and ensure they’re integrated into the copy. Experienced bloggers are able to achieve this without distorting the writing, or making it sound ‘spammy’.

Imagine Having Your Blogs Written to Order

There are numerous ways to work with a professional blogger. Some businesses employ specialist writers in their sector and entrust the subject matter to them. Others take on copywriters who work with a range of sectors, and provide them with a list of titles each month. A third option is to set targets for leads each month, and ask your blogger to work with SEO keywords in order to achieve them.

Finding the Blogger That’s Right For You

This can be time consuming as there are numerous webpages devoted to recruiting professional bloggers, with a price range of £10 per 500 word blog, to £1,000 for specialist research leading to an industry article. It’s always worth asking your potential blogger for examples of previous work, and a short piece written in response to a brief you provide. This is normal practice, so don’t feel embarrassed about requesting it.

How Can Outsource Your Marketing Help?

We recruit bloggers on our clients’ behalf, and we always take the time to find a suitable candidate to fit a specific brief. The advantage of outsourcing your blogging is that the search, admin, and maintenance is taken out of your hands. Outsource Your Marketing is committed to finding the right person for the job, for the right price. Just tell us what you need, and when. We’ll take it from there.

Wondering whether hiring a blogger is good for your business? Outsource Your Marketing provides a cost effective blogging solution. Call us on 01234 900203


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