Is Outsourced Marketing Right for Your Business?

Is Outsourced Marketing Right for Your Business?

Is Outsourced Marketing Right for Your Business – 5 Questions to Ask

Is outsourced marketing right for your business? In many cases it’s an excellent solution that makes sound financial sense. But we’d be lying if we said it was always the right solution. In some cases, an in-house marketing manager will achieve better results. So how can you know which is right for you?

In our conversations with businesses, we ask a number of questions to help them decide whether outsourced marketing is right for them. We’re sharing 5 key of them with you. Hopefully they’ll help readers to make a decision about resourcing marketing activity going forwards.

What Does Outsourced Marketing Cover?

Outsource Your Marketing covers a spectrum of services, dependent on the needs of the business we’re working with. Our team of marketing professionals can help with writing copy for a website, managing social media posts, or providing a complete marketing team to work on your business’ behalf.

Outsourced marketing allows you to hire in expertise when you need it. You don’t have to factor in time to train up staff; instead, you simply prepare a brief and review the results. An outsourced marketing team will not only deliver the marketing resources you require; they will also research your customer base, understand their online habits, and work to target your marketing accordingly.

What Does Outsourced Marketing Cover?

5 Signs Outsourced Marketing is Right for Your Business

Wondering if you’re the kind of business that would benefit from outsourced marketing? Try out the questions below to see if they help you to make your decision:

1. Are You Desperate For More Time to Focus on Running Your Business?

If you’d like to stop managing or planning marketing initiatives and get back to what you do best, you’re probably in need of marketing support. A marketing team would create a strategy, run campaigns, and manage ongoing marketing tasks, whilst you get on with growing the business.

2. Do You Do Lots of Marketing Activities, But Lack a Plan?

When you’re battling with limited resources, marketing activities tend to be ad hoc, which limits their efficacy. A team that’s dedicated to producing marketing results for your business will create a plan, co-ordinate their efforts and work to your deadline. They’ll also provide detailed reporting throughout.

3. Having Trouble Finding the Marketing Professional You Need?

It’s a perennial problem for growing businesses: Finally you have budget for a marketing person but you can’t find someone to cover the full range of tasks you need them to do. Alternatively, you could use your marketing hire budget to buy in the expertise you need, when you need it. At OYM we have a team that includes copywriters, graphic designers, SEO specialists, PPC campaigners, digital marketing experts and web designers.

4. Does Your Marketing Fall Short of Your Competitors?

There’s nothing worse than witnessing your closest competitor taking their marketing to the next level, whilst you’re still struggling with the basics. The professionals we work with are constantly updating their skills for a competitive market. They’ll help you freshen up your design, sharpen your messaging, and create content to engage visitors.

5. Do You Feel Out of Your Depth?

No matter how much marketing collateral you create, there’s always another trend, platform or ‘must have’ to address. At Outsource Your Marketing we live, eat, and breathe Pay-Per-Click, social media, video, email marketing SEO etc. We’ll be able to advise you on the strategies that will work best for your business and provide the experts to carry them out.

Ready for Outsourced Marketing?

If you answered ‘yes’ to 3 or more of the questions, there’s a good chance that outsourced marketing is right for your business. At Outsource Your Marketing we won’t offer you services you don’t need or talk you into a marketing plan that’s not right for your business. Our job is to find out what support we can offer, in order to help your business to grow.

Would you like to talk to us about outsourced marketing? Call Outsource Your Marketing today on 01234 900203


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