Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research

Why Do Keyword Research?

Google crawls 1.8 million new web pages each day. Of those pages 5.7% will receive visitors. The other 94.3% receive no organic traffic whatsoever. It’s a scary statistic, and one that should haunt every business setting out to create a new website. So what differentiates the 5.7% from the 94.3%? It turns out that keyword research is the determining factor when it comes to attracting organic traffic to your site.

What is Keyword Research?

‘Local Plumbers’, ‘best underfloor heating’, ‘LEDS Birmingham’ – these are all keywords. They’re the terms online consumers type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. As is obvious from my examples, they’re rarely precise, but what they do is capture the search process customers go through to find what they want. One product may have hundreds of keywords, some of which are used often, others which capture a niche search.

Google matches up keyword searches with websites that appear to be relevant. The more relevant your website is to keyword searches around your product, the higher you’ll be rated in the search engines, and the more enquiries you’ll get. Keyword researchers use SEO tools to find which keywords are most relevant to your product.

Creating the Keyword Research Pool For Your Business

The creation of a unique set of keywords is a precision skill, and it’s one which requires ongoing adaptation throughout the lifetime of a product. Here’s the way it works. Suppose you sell ‘flowers’ online. There’s huge volume for that search term because plenty of people are searching with it – but there’s also huge numbers of people wanting to rank using it.

This is where you need to start differentiating. Online buyers tend to start general, and become more specific as they decide what it is they’re looking for. You can be part of that process by offering differentiated keywords:

  1. What’s different about your flowers? What kinds of flowers do you specialise in? What kind of bouquets do you create? Do you design for certain types of event? The new key phrases these questions create may have lower volume, but they begin to differentiate your business.
  2. What kind of customer service do you offer? Are you offering free postage? Do you ship abroad? Can you guarantee arrival overnight? Once again, you’re looking for levels and features of service that set you apart.
  3.  Any extras? Will you gift wrap your flowers? Are they delivered with chocolates/balloons/champagne? Will you work from customer designs? Gradually you are creating a unique offering that both sets you apart from your competitors and strengthens your brand.

Finally, you should end up with a mix of generic keywords and differentiated keywords to use throughout your website.

Outsourcing Keyword Research

This is one of our most popular outsourced tasks because it’s incredibly time consuming to do well, and it requires constant monitoring and adjustment as keyword trends change. You may decide that you need a keyword researcher to work alongside your content marketing team, on a specific campaign. Or you may want someone in a permanent capacity, devoting just a few hours each month to the ongoing task.

About Outsource Your Marketing

We’re a close-knit network of specialists that has grown organically over the years. We are now able to offer clients support for every aspect of their marketing requirements, when they need it. This includes web designmarketing services, graphic design, content creation  and SEO.

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