Landing Page for PPC

Landing Page for PPC

Designing a Great Landing Page for PPC

Imagine you’re searching online for a smart watch. You’ve done your research, so you know exactly which one you’re looking for. You’re now in the final stages of looking for the best deal. A PPC ad pops up; it’s showing you a great deal on your chosen device so you click… only to find that you’ve been taken to a home page that requires a new search to find the deal. What do you do? Of course, you click away and resume your search.

There you have the perfect scenario for a sale; if only there had been targeted landing page for the PPC campaign! Pay-per-click is in the business of capturing people ready to buy. If your ad is saying all the right things, the next stage is the click-through landing page. In this blog the OYM team offer 6 tips on getting your landing page design right, to land your sale.

1. Fast Loading

We’ve already seen that our online searcher is in a hurry. He/she’s ready to buy and doesn’t want any distractions. Sitting, waiting for a page to load is a major distraction. Make sure that your loading time is no more than 2 seconds – it’s a priority.

2. Match the Ad

Your landing page must first and foremost confirm the offer made by the ad. Any deviance and the searcher will click away. The best way to do this to create a bold headline and tagline that speak the same message as the ad, without copying it directly.

3. Get the Benefits Right

Don’t get this mixed up with features. Your searcher already knows about the features. He/she wants to know that you know about the benefits those features confer. OK, so you might be providing confirmation rather than news, but do it anyway:

  • More than a smartphone (eg. heart rate monitoring)
  • Check notifications whilst driving, riding a bike
  • Fitness tracker to help you keep in shape
  • Built-in GPS so you can track your runs

4. Why You’re the Best

By the time the searcher reaches this stage, every detail is important. So provide some customer reviews stating how brilliant your customer service is. You don’t want any hostages to fortune, so avoid a ‘feed’. Pick out 3 or 4 excellent, current reviews and display them prominently.

5. Guide the Decision With CTAs

Calls to Action – at their best – help the searcher to make a decision. You’ll need to weigh up how many options to give, as this can end up with an inability to make ANY decision. We would normally favour 2: ‘Would you like to talk to us?‘ And ‘Are you ready to buy?

6. Form for Details

Not everyone clicking through to your landing page from PPC will be ready to buy – yet. So invite them to leave their details. Giving out your details requires some give and take, so you may want to offer a newsletter, or an e-book on a related subject in return.

About Outsource Your Marketing

OYM is an experienced marketing team, based in the UK, that does the jobs you don’t have the time or resource to do. We work with lots of businesses in creating and managing Pay-Per-Click campaigns (including landing pages). We can develop your advertising strategy, design the ads, research keywords and carry out A/B testing throughout your campaign.

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