Local Service Ads for
Roofing Contractors

Want to increase your monthly lead count?

Local Service Ads help connect roofers with local customers.


Get more leads Google LSAs help roofing contractors connect with locals who are actively searching for roofing services.

No more clicks. Just pay for leads   You only pay when a prospective client gets in touch with you from the ad, not when they click on it.

Gain customer trust   Displaying a Google-Guarantee badge and some great customer reviews lets customers know they can trust you.

We’ll set up your ad We set up, optimise and monitor your campaign performance and provide you with monthly perfomance reporting.

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What are Local Services Ads for Roofing Contractors?

With Local Service Ads for Roofing Contractors, you have the ability to reach those looking for the services you provide. Customers in your selected regions will see your ad, and you will not be charged unless they call or message you from it.

How can I get started with LSA?

Call OYM right now to see if your roofing company can use Google Local Services Ads. Our knowledgeable support team can help you with the initial assessment and the ongoing optimisation of your ad.

How much do Local Service Ads cost?

The great thing about LSAs is that you only need to pay when a lead contacts you. This is different compared to the typical Pay Per Click system in Google Ads.


Lead costs tend to range from £10 to £30 per lead. While working with an agency like OYM involves a monthly administration charge, our expertise in campaign setup, optimisation, upkeep, and reporting will normally lead to more qualified leads and better a better return on your investment compared to the DIY approach.

google local services ads for roofing contractors

Outsource Local Service Ads to OYM. We’ll handle your campaign so you can focus on your business – call 01234 900203.

4 Ways Local Service Ads Grow Your Roofing Business

1. Target Customers Who Need Roofing Installation

LSAs put Roofers directly in front of local customers searching for “Roofing Contractor near me” or “roof installer in [your city]”. Research shows that 70% of mobile searches ultimately lead to a purchase, and LSA’s put you right at the top of Google searches when a customer is ready to buy.

2. Get Ahead of Competitors With a Google Guarantee Badge

  • Earning your green checkmark shows customers that you’ve been vetted by Google. With Google’s verification, you can expect an increase in leads.
  • The “Google Guarantee” badge promotes trust and distinguishes you from the competition.
  • Businesses can rest easy – the Google Guarantee provides customers with peace of mind and confidence, as Google can refund unhappy customers (up to £1,500) for initial service costs.

3. Stop Paying for Clicks, Pay for Leads

Unlike PPC, which charges you each time someone clicks on your ad, LSAs simply charge you when a legitimate lead contacts you via phone or message. This results in higher ROI and lower advertising costs.

4. Get the Most From Your Campaign With Useful Insights

Outsource Your Marketing analyses your real-time ad data – including calls, durations, geographic areas, and cost per lead, helping us make informed, strategic decisions. This continuous insight allows us to refine your ad strategy as the campaign progresses, ensuring maximum impact and helping you achieve the optimal results from your campaign.


Customers finding you has never been easier

You only need to pay for leads, not clicks: Set your campaign budget and Google charges you for every lead you get, not views.

OYM will handle the technical set up and management of your ad campaign to get you as many leads as possible.

Local Service Ads allow you to hone-in on customers in your service areas, making you visible at the right place and right time.

A green ``Google Guarantee`` badge and checkmark tells customers that if Google trusts you, they can too.


Why Outsource Local Service Ads for Roofing Contractors?

OYM’s targeted Google Local Services Ads put your roofing business in front of homeowners actively searching for repairs and replacements. You handle the expert work, we handle the leads.


    • Free up time: Forget the confusing dashboards, charts and ad platforms and focus on the important things. OYM handles the technical management, so that you can concentrate on your business.
    • Data guided decisions: We harness real-time data to make sure your campaign provides great results. Each tweak to your ad means that your business effectively grows and gets more leads.
    • Your local marketing partner: We’re not another faceless marketing agency. We work as a part of your team to guarantee that the success of your LSA is completely aligned with your company’s goals.
Google LSA for Roofers

Which Roofing Contractors can use Local Service Ads?

Roof Repairers

Roofing Installers

Roof Guttering

Roof Leak Fixers

Solar Panel Installers

Tiling Specialists


How else can OYM help Roofing Contractors?

    • SEO audit: We optimise your on-page elements, meta tags, and content for the best visibility and Google ranking.
    • PPC campaigns: We effectively manage and optimisation your PPC ads for great results.
    • Local SEO: We’ll create and manage your Google My Business profile, get you local website backlinks, and create location-specific content.
    • Content Creation: Our content team create blogs, articles, and infographics that help boost your SEO ranking. Our content aligns with industry trends and addresses customer concerns.

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