Looking for Marketing That Offers Rapid Results?

Looking for Marketing That Offers Rapid Results?

After a bumpy year, the Christmas present many UK businesses are looking for right now is a marketing tactic where the impact is immediate. Social media marketing, search engine optimisation and blogging are all excellent marketing strategies, but they take time to build momentum. In addition to them, businesses need quickfire options that will have customers picking up the phone, clicking to their site and making a purchase.

If you’re looking for marketing that offers rapid results, the Outsource Your Marketing team has 3 techniques to suggest:

1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This is like SEO on caffeine! Detailed keyword research lies at the heart of it, but the target audience is online searchers who want what you’re selling. The trick is to make your offering more attractive than that of your competitors who are also chasing those same searchers.

The most successful PPC campaigns are those that offer time-limited savings. A deadline is a great way to help people make a decision, especially if the offer is a great one to start off with. Use targeted PPC, with carefully researched keywords and a promotion with a short lifespan.

2. Host a Webinar

Webinars give you the chance to speak directly to your potential buyers. They offer a great opportunity for you to showcase your product, introduce your team, and provide details of a time-limited special promotion for people who sign up within 24 hours.

Sure, there’s up-front time required for putting the webinar together, and getting people to attend. Once you have all that in place, though, your potential conversion rate is higher than for any other kind of marketing activity.

3. Run a Competition

If you have a languishing Facebook or Instagram account, bring it back to life fast with a seasonal competition. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, Valentines or Halloween an event-related contest will drive new prospects to your site.

The OYM team always offers the following guidelines to clients:

  • Make the rules of entry clear and simple to follow.
  • Keep the competition lead-up short – 1-2 weeks.
  • Use every day of the competition to speak to entrants about your product.
  • Create an online event at which the winner is announced.
  • Give everyone who doesn’t win a chance to save money on your products.

Direct Response Marketing

With direct response marketing you grab consumers’ attention and offer them a great reason to buy your product right now. The goal needs to be defined – go to this web page, call this number – and the pitch needs to appeal to your target market. Money will never be enough of an argument alone; you also need to persuade them that your product is the one to buy.

Working With Outsource Your Marketing

The OYM team provides marketing expertise to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for a PPC campaign to promote your winter sale, or a full marketing team to launch your new product team, we have the specialists you’re looking for.

Need a marketing campaign that offers rapid results? Call Outsource Your Marketing today and we’ll start working on your behalf straight away – 01234 900203


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