Mapping Customer Experience

Mapping Customer Experience

How Mapping Customer Experience Grows Sales

We all carry an encyclopaedia’s worth of information around in our heads, from our growing shopping list to next month’s growth targets. Much of this information stays put in our heads, but turning it from abstract thought to visual hard copy can have huge benefits. Which is what mapping customer experience is all about.

How do your customers interact with your company? A customer experience map takes all the information you have in your head, or your team’s combined heads, and turns it into a visual diagram. This provides a comprehensive guide to your marketing, branding and sales process. It also highlights any gaps or missed opportunities.

Customer Interaction Points

The complexity of your interactions with customers will depend on the size and maturity of your business. Typical touchpoints include:

Quality of Customer Experience

One of the aims of mapping customer experience is to determine which of your interaction points are yielding the best results. For this you’ll need a range of materials offering information about how customers find you, what their first experience of your business is, and whether you retain them successfully at each stage of your sales funnel.

Useful sources of information may be:

  • Analytics tools
  • Social media communications
  • Results of past campaigns
  • Reviews
  • Surveys

Create Your Customer Map

There’s no correct way to do this, so work out which way suits you best. Whether it’s a white board and markers, post-its on a wall or a spreadsheet, map out how your customers progress from first contact through to a sale. It could be that there are multiple interaction possibilities at each stage. The important thing is to be able to see exactly how your journey is working at the moment.

What Does Mapping Customer Experience Do for My Business?

There are 3 stages of customer experience. Each of them can give you valuable insights about how you can improve your sales and marketing processes.

Stage 1: First Touchpoint

Take a look at the most productive primary interactions. Is there any way you could build on these, and perhaps drop less successful ones? What are the missed opportunities? Is there a campaign that worked well a while back but hasn’t been repeated?

Stage 2: Retention

There could be numerous interactions between the initial contact and the sale. Is there any way you could speed the journey up? Are your customers frustrated at any point in their journey? Perhaps they’re being held up by slow communications; can these be improved?

Stage 3: Sale

Hurrah, a sale! You’ve banked a success but what happens to your customers then? How many of them return, and is there any way you could grow that number? Are your customers recommending your business to others? Are they leaving a glowing review?

After Customer Experience Mapping

Once your customer experience data has been captured, analysed and digested, you’re ready to start plotting your desired customer journey. You’re now in possession of the diagnostics, so you’re in a strong position to plan a successful marketing campaign which guides your customers confidently from the free product trial through to purchase.

About Outsource Your Marketing

We’re a team of marketing specialists, based in the UK, who are available to do the jobs you don’t have time for. Like the sound of a customer journey strategy but don’t have the time or resources? Leave it to us. We’ll gather the information we need for a customer experience map, produce a report with recommendations, and implement the marketing campaign you choose.

Would you like to talk to a member of the team about outsourcing your marketing? Call us today on 01234 900203 or message us.


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