Marketing Message

Marketing Message

Getting Your Marketing Message Heard

You’ve written the blog, signed off on the social media content, and sent out the emails. So why isn’t anybody out there responding? Take heart; you’re not the only one with this problem. Getting your marketing message ‘heard’ is the most difficult part of any marketing strategy, and there’s no clear blueprint to make it happen successfully.

In this blog, the OYM digital marketing team offer 3 sure fire ways to get your marketing message seen, appreciated and shared.

1. Get Personal

Personalising your messaging is a great way to get your reader’s attention. But you don’t want to be creepy, right? Many marketers steer clear of even using first names because they don’t want to appear to be trolling prospective customers. So here’s a suggestion. Create a range of content, providing personalisations for each stage of the customer journey. Something like this:

  • First Visit – offer a range of specific questions that your visitor might like answered in the form of a chatbot. You know what problems you can solve, offer your help immediately.
  • Engagement – if your visitor clicks on a piece of content, acknowledge the problem they may want help with. And let them know what you can do to provide that help.
  • Leaving the Site – say goodbye and ask if they would like to be kept up to date with news and products which they’ve shown an interest in.
  • Email – use their first name, and demonstrate that you ‘remember’ their visit to the site. Provide personalised content, chosen specifically for them.
  • Sale – if these ongoing actions lead to a sale, offer a promotion, or gift to celebrate your developing professional relationship.

As you can see, the personalisation occurs in exactly the same way a friendship would. There’s no reason for the visitor to reject it, unless it oversteps the mark, or misjudges the phase of the journey they’re on.

2. Present Original Perspectives

Your brand includes how you view the world. Being able to align with a brand’s perspective is considered valuable by customers. This could take many forms, but here are 3 particularly effective content marketing techniques to attract ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.

  • A New Spin. Take a popular news story and add your perspective on it. When a story is ‘hot’ readers are constantly looking for new angles, and are ready to ‘like’ and ‘share’ them.
  • Present Original Research. Do you have data that will provide your followers with fresh, new insights. Create a White Paper, publish a ‘long read article’ on LinkedIn.
  • Offer Expertise. Every business has valuable expertise, but they don’t tend to value it. Your customers do, though. So share your tips, and knowledge in ‘how to’ posts and blogs.

3. Recycle Your Content

OK, recycling your content doesn’t sound very exciting, but Mark Webster of Authority Hacker has found it can really boost your search engine ranking – which drives traffic to your site. Carry out an audit of your marketing collateral. What has done well in the past, but is now sliding into Google page 3 oblivion?

Refresh the SEO on the content, update the links and tweak the content where appropriate. Then, most important, change the date and re-index. Often you’ll see an immediate leap in your rankings.

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