Marketing Strategies for 2019

Marketing Strategies for 2019

Marketing Strategies for 2019

Keeping your marketing fresh and effective isn’t always about radically changing what you’re doing. In fact, wholesale change can be unnerving for existing customers. Often it’s a matter of small shifts, inspired by the latest trends, that can prove the most effective strategy. That way, your customers retain what they like about your brand, but get the benefits of improved features and functionality.

What’s on the Horizon for 2019?

Here are the top five marketing trends that the big brands are already budgeting to include:

1. Content Marketing is King

Remember when content was just about selling your product? The new trend is for creating content which is closely tailored to your customers. Rather than subjecting visitors to your sales message, content marketing provides copy that has been written with them in mind. Maybe it answers their questions, offers useful links, or gives helpful suggestions – the last thing it does is to sell directly.

Content Marketing Example: If you’re selling security products, you might want to send out a survey asking consumers what they consider to be the most effective ways to secure their homes.

2. Consumers Like Chatbots

Conventional wisdom might suggest that customers prefer phone conversations with a real person to a digital interaction with a robot. But it would be wrong in this case. Recent research shows that 69% of customers surveyed preferred to have their question answered by a chatbot. Why? Chatbots are available 24/7; they give quick, clear responses to common sales queries and they don’t try to make a quick sale.

Chatbot Example: Service providers like Uber are using chatbots to provide real time updates on the status of their ride. Or your friendly chatbot could help customers to select the perfect gift from the site.

3.  Consumers Want Trustworthy Sites

It seemed for a while that privacy and data protection weren’t a priority for consumers. Well the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changed all that in 2018. Now consumers are much clearer about their rights and they can report businesses that don’t play by the rules. Consumers want clear signs that their privacy is respected, and that their data is securely maintained.

Data Privacy Example: Your Data Privacy Statement should be published on your website. You might want to take this further by demonstrating how customers’ data is stored, protected and maintained.

4. Forget Generic Mailshots

The big brands like Amazon, Google and Netflix have set the bar high when it comes to a personalised marketing strategy. As a result, customers now want to be treated like individuals whether they’re communicating with their dentist, or their plumber. Generic mailshots are very much a thing of the past and tailored messaging is where we’re headed.

Personalised Marketing: Just think of all those emails you get from Netflix telling you about a film you’ll like and you’ll get what this is. Send emails that show you know your customers, and tailor your service to them.

5. Video and Imagery Sells

Not really a new trend, this, but one which has taken a while to permeate the market. Why? Because professional video is expensive, and businesses are nervous about in-house production. Authenticity is a keyword here. Professional videos can come across as impersonal and corporate. Using simple video techniques to communicate useful content or tell great stories will have a far greater impact.

Video Marketing: Try out something simple – just to see what impact it has. How about one of your team talking about what their role consists of? Put it on social media and judge the response for yourself.

Outsource Your Marketing for a Website Refresh

The accent in 2019 is firmly around extending what your business can offer customers, beyond just selling your product. This may be something you’re already doing, or you may have ideas that you’d like to see implemented. The team at Outsource Your Marketing could be a useful part of the process. Imagine having a group of marketing professionals at your beck and call to:

  • Review your website and offer a range of suggestions to improve your existing offering.
  • Implement a chatbot function in response to your brief.
  • Write content marketing copy for a regular blog, or webinar.
  • Manage your mailshots.
  • Devise, shoot and deliver a series of short videos.

We can take hold of the whole process for you, or work alongside your existing in-house team.

If you’d like to talk to Outsource Your Marketing about how we could help, contact the team on 01234 900203 and we’ll arrange to meet up.


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