Marketing Support Services

Marketing Support Services

Looking for Marketing Support Services?

Just imagine being able to put together your dream marketing team without going through a long drawn out recruitment process. Better still, imagine having them on the kind of contract where you pay them only when you need them. Well, that’s what outsourced marketing support services offers.

Very few SMEs are able to afford an in-house team marketing support team with the combination of skills required by the business. That’s where an outsourced team, offering the kind of support you need, only when you need it, can make all the difference.

Providing Inbound Marketing Expertise

Marketing no longer seeks to sell aggressively; instead it provides ways for customers to engage with content and experiences which are tailored to their interests and preoccupations. An inbound marketing team gives your business the tools to shape the resources your visitors are looking for as part of the buying cycle. Having the right blend of skills can convert more leads and so increase your sales.

Outsourced Marketing Solutions

Our first task, when putting together and inbound marketing team, is to get to know your business. We need to find out about your customers, the problems you help them to solve, and the ways in which you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Once this research is complete, we’re able to create a strategy for creating potential points of connection.

Your team will combine some, or all, of the following outsourced marketing activities:

1. Social Media

We’ll select the social media platforms that best match your customer profiles. Whether you’re posting on Facebook, or getting customer feedback on Twitter, social media is a great way to introduce your business to customers, and start a personalised conversation with them. You can also share a range of content, providing visitors with a detailed understanding of your product.

2. Landing Pages

Once a customer responds to a ‘call to action’ or follows a link in a piece of content, it’s vital that they arrive at optimised landing pages. Whether you invite them to fill in a form, subscribe to a service, or complete a survey, the landing page needs to provide customers with the next leg of their customer journey.

3. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation enhances your online presence by optimising your website to rank highly in the major search engines. This process requires detailed research and a knowledge of the Google SEO criteria. Once your site starts to gain authority it will begin to rise in the rankings, but it requires ongoing care and attention to maintain your presence on page 1 or 2.

4. Email Marketing

Email is still a valued source of communication for business marketing. It only works, though, when the content is valuable to the subscriber, and it demonstrates a genuine desire to maintain a value-driven communication. Newsletters are a popular format for email marketing, therefore, or letters from the CEO offering sector expertise, and specialist information.

5. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

This is very much at the sales end of the marketing strategy. Paid ads are for customers who know what they’re looking for online. They work with high value keywords and can appear on social media, YouTube or Google. Pay-per-click is precision advertising which brings fast results and is best used for sales or special promotions.

Are You Looking to Outsource Marketing Services?

Outsource Your Marketing comprises a UK-based team that has developed a close-knit network of marketing specialists over the years. Whatever the blend you need to grow your brand, and promote your product, we provide the professionals you need in order to succeed.

Outsource Your Marketing creates teams of marketing specialists who’ll work to promote your business as and when you need them – call us on 01234 900203


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