Outsource Graphic Design Services

Outsource Graphic Design Services

Outsource Graphic Design Services in 2020

At Outsource Your Marketing we like to keep our clients ahead of the curve. One of the most rehearsed arguments for outsourcing your graphic design services is that you’re able to remain cutting edge. Well, just to prove that’s the case, we’ve asked our graphic design team to give us the trends for 2020. Here’s what they came up with:

Bold, Simple Fonts

2020 is going to be about the contrast of heavy (bold, or extra bold) fonts with minimalist backgrounds. The trend for curlicues and calligraphy fonts is now long gone and we’re looking for design that purposefully directs the eye and provides clear information. Mobile usage and busy lives are making instant impact the top priority.

Muted Colours

With fonts going bold, colour palettes are stepping down to make way for a more subtle play of hues than we’ve experienced throughout 2019. Think Farrow & Ball for your colour options. This doesn’t mean that design is any less vivid; it’s just that they’re less like an instant hit. Instead we’ll be creating designs that the eyes will want to linger over.

Stock Photos That Draw the Eye

UnSplash showed us how to use imagery that reflected business’ brand colours in exciting and unexpected ways. As bright and bold colours now give way to a more saturated palette we’ll be looking for something different from stock photos. The trend for genuine portraits is still strong, as is retouched black and white photography, and landscapes that form a neutral background to text.

Optical Illusions

With so much to choose from, the last thing we want is for the eye to wander. Optical illusions hook the eye and engage the brain. Which is why we’re likely to see them used more and more in 2020. It could be a simple word distortion, or an unusual perspective on an everyday object. Optical illusions get shares, and they get talked about, which is the essence of good graphic design.


Gradients may seem like a simple design idea, but in fact they only really started appearing in graphic design last year. Colour transitions started out fairly simple as a background theme, but now they’re being incorporated into designs in ever more complex and sophisticated ways. A gradient adds texture and complexity; it’s going to create some stunning imagery in 2020.

Logo Animation

This is really just in its infancy as a trend, so expect some exciting examples of animated logos as the year develops. These witty, elegant, strangely satisfying designs work best when simple. Keep the creativity focused, rather than showy, and – whatever you do – don’t create something that will annoy the hell out of your clients!

About Outsource Your Marketing

We’re a close-knit network of associates with the aim of providing specialist skills to businesses who want to outsource graphic design services, website design, SEO or social media management. Our graphic team has created digital and print imagery for a range of businesses including estate agents, health consultants, electrical contractors, restaurants, retail and aircraft design.

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