Outsource Marketing Services

Outsource Marketing Services

How to Outsource Marketing Services Successfully

Businesses know that they need to invest in marketing in order to grow, but many struggle to find the time and resources they need to develop a marketing strategy that will work for them. A decision to outsource marketing services is an increasingly popular option, and in this article the OYM team look at how to make it work for your business.

How Much?

It’s tempting to start with the budget, but this approach may not generate the most effective solution for your business. At Outsource Your Marketing we encourage our prospective clients to consider outsourcing less as an expense, and more as an investment in the growth of your business.

We work closely with businesses to understand their objectives, audit their current marketing activities, and develop a goal-driven strategy that is focused on maximising the return on your investment. So, what you pay to outsource marketing services as an investment, brings you a profitable return.

How Do I Outsource My Marketing?

With outsourcing marketing services, you’re in the driving seat, so start by considering exactly what you need. Maybe it’s a PPC marketing specialist to run a campaign, or a copywriter to deliver regular blog posts. Alternatively, you may need a marketing manager who knows your sector and can develop an effective strategy for your business.

Most digital marketing agencies will offer a range of marketing services that you can mix-and-match to serve your specific needs. Once you know what services you want to outsource, you contact an agency like Outsource Your Marketing and start a conversation.

Choosing an Outsourcing Agency

Start by approaching a number of outsourcing agencies and asking for costings on the services you need covered. That way, you’ll find out what the range of costs are, and what is being offered by each of the agencies.

There are two things that are key for businesses: First, an outsourcing agency should be goal-driven, rather than simply supplying to your brief. Second, they need to demonstrate experience in a range of services that you may need in the future, even if you’re not looking for them right now. These should include:

Which Services Should I Outsource?

Marketing is critical to your business. Once you decide to outsource marketing services, carry out an audit of your requirements, and discuss this with the agencies you approach. They are specialists who should be able to advise on you the range of marketing activities you need to engage in, in order to compete effectively online.

Most outsourcing agencies will offer to audit your existing marketing, including your website SEO ranking. Once you have access to this detailed data, you will be able to make a more informed decision about the outsourced services you need.

What Can I Expect of an Outsourcing Agency?

Handing over your marketing to an agency is likely to feel unsettling – however carefully you have chosen the agency for the task. If, however, you treat the contract between you as an investment which needs to offer a good ROI, it becomes easier to define your relationship and your expectations.

At Outsource Your Marketing we always discuss targets early on. Without having these in place it’s difficult to know whether marketing services are succeeding or not. There are a number of types of targets/goals that you may wish to set with your chosen agency:

  • SEO – ranking improvement in search engines.
  • Website – more contact forms submitted, or calls made.
  • Customer Service – growth in positive feedback.
  • Social Media – increased connections, engagements, and social reach.
  • PPC – campaign delivering lower cost per click.
  • Sales – increased online spend.

Your agency should be able to advise you on you monthly spend and deliver regular reports demonstrating the return on that monthly investment. If the return is not sufficient, you have the choice to end your contract and outsource marketing services elsewhere.

Would You Like to Know More?

Outsource Your Marketing provides a range of specialist marketing services to small, medium, and large businesses across the UK. We’re a team of UK-based marketing professionals who do this job because we want to support businesses to grow and succeed. We work across a number of sectors and have sector specialists we can match you up to.

If you’d like to find out more about how to outsource marketing services, just give us a call on 01234 900203


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