Outsource Your Email Marketing

Outsource Your Email Marketing

Is it Time to Outsource Your Email Marketing?

Is email marketing still relevant? Very much so. A recent study shows that, despite the growing popularity of social media, 94% of online users are on email, whilst only 61% use social media. This means a marketing message is more likely to be seen and opened, than a social media post. And whilst this is the case, email marketing will remain an important way to promote your product.

Email marketing is an extremely cheap and efficient way to get information out to your mailing list. Advertising messages can take the form of useful daily tips, newsletters, new product promotions, or a regular blog post. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has made it much easier for recipients to opt out of messaging that is too forceful or irrelevant. This has revived the art of clever, useful email marketing, and increased the click-throughs from consumers.

Why Outsource Your Email Marketing?

Email marketing looks simple, but it takes time and experience to learn how to create quality mailings. Every business will need to decide whether they’re willing to invest in the time to source software, train users, write effective, well crafted copy, and target effectively. One you’ve arrived at the total investment required, you might find that outsourcing your email marketing is the most cost effective way to achieve your aims.

Here’s what you get with a good email marketing team:

1. Time

An outsourced email marketing team will have all the resources needed to support a high quality email campaign. All you need to do is send them the brief. They will allocate the time required to make it happen, because that’s their business. Compare that with a stretched team trying to squeeze in time to add another task to their ‘to do list’.

2. Expertise

There’s a whole range of skills attached to effective email marketing:

  • Coding – emails use html
  • Copywriting – messages need to be carefully crafted
  • Graphic design – engaging visuals are important
  • Admin – the campaign needs to be managed
  • Metrics – effective campaigns analyse data
  • A/B testing – this is now standard for successful email marketing

Your outsourced team will have this expertise in house. All you need to do is provide your goals, and a brief.

3. Cost Effectiveness

Working with a team of experts means that they know how to avoid wasteful activity. Better than that, they’ll know how to maximise your budget to achieve the very best results. You avoid all the costs associated with buying in graphic design, copywriting, and coding from third parties. Instead you just pay for one comprehensive service, and your marketing emails are delivered on budget, to deadline.

4. Cutting Edge Knowledge

Outsourced email marketing teams need to be at the top of their game, in order to keep their competitive edge. When you plug your business into a crack outsourcing team, you get the benefit of their sector knowledge. They’ll be able to tell you what the most successful models are, what won’t get read (and why), and what the latest trends are.

5. Deadlines Met

Just imagine… no more worrying about whether overstretched staff will manage to get the mailer out on time! Professional outsourced email marketers will deliver to your deadline every time. Knowing this will help you to plan more effectively, and prioritise the strategy, rather than the delivery.

Time to Outsource Your Email Marketing?

At Outsource Your Marketing we provide a service that works for our clients. That means working flexibly and collaboratively to deliver on your requirements. Need an emergency mailout with a tight deadline? We’ll do it. Need copy written to a brief for a weekly newsletter? We’ll do it. Need a regular mailout over 6 months with reports and analysis on goal achievement? That’s our bread and butter!

Let us know what you need from us, and we’ll show you how we can make it happen.


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