Outsourced Marketing Services

Outsourced Marketing Services

Unlock the Benefits of Outsourced Marketing Services to Maximize Opportunities for Growth

The key activities of any growing business are sales and marketing. Early on in the life of your business, both can be maintained by the core team. As the business starts to take off, though, these activities may find themselves in competition for limited resources. Of course, sales will always win out, but without ongoing lead generation, sales are tougher to come by. Outsourced marketing services provide a solution for growing businesses that don’t want to choose between sales and marketing.

How Do Outsourced Marketing Services Work?

Outsourcing marketing services describes the practice of hiring in specialists to manage some or all of your marketing activities. This could be content creation, social media management, PPC campaign management or search engine optimisation. Businesses benefit from the expertise and experience of outsourced marketing professionals, whilst saving themselves the cost of hiring in a bunch of specialists to form an in-house marketing team.

Outsourcing Marketing is a Cost-Effective Solution

Businesses outsource in order to embrace greater flexibility. Say there’s a specific need for a marketing team, such as a new product launch; your marketing resources can flex to meet the demand when you need them, and then scale down after the campaign has successfully run its course. Hiring in a creative designer, marketing manager, PPC manager, etc. discretely would cost a fortune, but as part of an outsourced marketing team they become a cost-effective solution.

What’s Included in Outsourced Marketing Services?

At Outsource Your Marketing, our services are tailored to the client’s business goals, sector, and budget. The blend of outsourced marketing services and way in which they’re delivered will be determined through discussion. We listen carefully to what you need to achieve and talk through a range of potential outsourced solutions. Once a solution is agreed, we’ll create a detailed brief for reference.

5 Steps to Outsourcing Success

OYM’s goal is always to utilise our specialist team in the service of our clients, in order to maximise their opportunities for growth. In order to consistently deliver on this goal, we have created 5 steps that determine strategy, management, and measurement:

  • Step One – Developing Strategy. This occurs over a series of meetings which allow your account manager to get to know your business and your goals. Working together, we’ll define the marketing strategy that is right for you.
  • Step Two – Creating a Team. You’ll get to meet the people who will be managing the project, creating materials for you, managing campaigns, and designing graphics. We’ll talk through the way in which we’ll approach your project and set key dates for feedback.
  • Step Three – Project Management. Your project manager will keep work on track, and report back at agreed intervals. They will be the identified point of contact, so you don’t spend time trying to get in touch with different people.
  • Step Four – Monthly Reporting. All outsourced marketing services activity is goal-driven, and we report monthly against agreed goals. Reports may include volume of website traffic, PPC data, SEO data against specific keywords, social media engagement.
  • Step Five – Marketing Planning. Once a project comes to an end you may wish to scale down activities, continue a baseline of task-based activities, or start planning for the next campaign. Our planning sessions allow you to determine which is the best course of action.

About Outsource Your Marketing

OYM is a team of UK-based specialist marketing associates who work as a team to provide outsourced marketing services. All of us have chosen to outsource our skills because we enjoy the challenges associated with it.

We don’t waste time, because we know that it’s a precious resource for our clients. In fact we save you time by listening to what you need to achieve, and then using our experience to determine the strategy you need, and the most cost-effective way to achieve it.

Our marketing specialists won’t impose a way of working on you; in fact, we’ll adapt our way of working to fit in with your approach. Outsourcing is all about making the clients’ lives easier – and we make this our focus from your first call onwards.

What would you like us to do for you? Simply give us a call, and we’ll talk through your requirements. Then we’ll give you a free, no obligation quote – 01234 900203


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