Outsourced Marketing Services

Outsourced Marketing Services

Outsourced Marketing Services for SMEs

Sales isn’t something that happens when you have a bit of spare time, and neither is marketing. For many SMEs, though, there is a stark choice to be made between the two. Of course, sales will always win out. But without ongoing lead generation, sales is a much tougher task. Outsourced marketing services provide a solution for SMEs who find themselves having to choose sales vs marketing.

Outsourcing Marketing – a Cost Effective Solution

There’s not many SMEs that can afford a marketing team; but how about hiring in a team for a specific purpose? It’s much the same as hiring in a catering firm for your wedding, or an event production team for a conference. Each specialist on their own would cost a fortune, but as part of a time-limited package they become a cost-effective solution.

Suppose you’re launching a new product. Wouldn’t it be great to hire in a team, made up of: Creative Designer, Marketing Manager, Online Marketing Manager, Copywriter and Social Media Manager? Imagine a group of highly experienced people who can hit the ground running, all focused on your product launch. And once it’s done, and sales results are good, there’s no residual costs to pay. Your team stand down, until the next time you need them.

What’s the Best Way to Use a Modest Marketing Budget?

The best person to answer that is a marketing strategist. Rather like talking to a financial advisor about how to invest your money. Any decisions about how to manage the money you have to spend on marketing needs a strategy. Otherwise it gets frittered away on half thought out ideas, and projects that can’t be resourced properly.

Buying in an outsourced marketing strategist is a great start, therefore. They will have the expertise to:

  1. Weigh up what your business marketing needs are,
  2. Calculate what your budget will buy,
  3. And report on what you can realistically achieve over a given time-frame.

Using outsourced marketing services will give you the best return (instant expertise, paid only when working) and your business will have a marketing plan that it can build on as the benefits begin to accrue.

Engagement, Values and Online Marketing

Digital marketing can feel like it’s eating every spare moment you have – and if you’re trying to fit it in on top of everything else you do, that can be a problem. An alternative is to create a detailed brief, describing exactly what you want, and hand it over to an outsourced social media manager. Getting the process right takes a little while in any business, because it’s not an exact science. But once you have the right platforms, providing an agreed ROI, you can reclaim your life!

About Outsource Your Marketing

OYM is a team of UK-based specialist marketing associates who work as a team to provide outsourced marketing services. All of us have chosen to outsource our skills because we enjoy the challenges associated with it. We don’t waste time, because we know clients need total focus, excellent ROI, and high quality advice and skills.

What would you like us to do for you? Simply give us a call, and we’ll talk through your requirements. Then we’ll give you a free, no obligation quote – 01234 900203


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