Outsourced Marketing Solutions

Outsourced Marketing Solutions

Outsourced Marketing Solutions

The very best thing about our job is being able to offer outsourced marketing solutions that work for companies of all shapes and sizes. A lot of our time is spent talking to clients about their business, discovering what stage they’re at in their growth, and hearing about the marketing goals they’ve set themselves. Most of our encounters are truly inspirational, and we’re always delighted to have the opportunity to help!

Over the years we’ve worked with flooring specialists, chefs, beauty specialists, electrical contractors, estate agents and odour analysts. Not one of them has lacked the energy, enthusiasm or creative ideas needed to promote their products. What they have been short of though, is time, expertise, project managers and a professional network to tap into.

Working With Outsource Your Marketing

Our job is always to ‘make marketing ideas happen’. Our aim is always to make those ideas happen efficiently, cost-effectively and to the highest possible standard. Our goal is never anything less than being the solution that allows your business’ marketing goals to be met.

Here’s 3 examples of outsourced marketing solutions we’ve provided:

1. A Small Local Business Needs to Get Online

Problem. We were contacted by a small family business operating from High St offices. They’d been part of the town for years and always had a faithful clientele. They were aware, however, that they weren’t attracting any younger clients, and needed help to update their brand.

Solution. We talked through the ways in which the business could build an online presence and created a plan for doing so. As there was no-one in the company who had any experience with social media, we provided someone to establish and develop a local Facebook community.

2. A Successful Printing Business Needs Email Marketing

Problem. A medium sized business wants an email marketing campaign designed, project managed and distributed. The in-house marketing team has no time to take on this project, but will oversee it.

Solution. We were sent a brief, imagery and brand guidelines by the marketing team. Our project manager acted as liaison throughout the process. Our copywriting team created the content and we incorporated the imagery into the final design. The system was tested, the design was signed off, and the email campaign was successfully launched.

3. A New Company Needs a Marketing Team

Problem. An experienced systems engineer was setting up his own company, after working within a corporate environment for a number of years. He wanted us to advise on promotional strategy, and provide a marketing professional to manage it.

Solution. We worked closely with our client on the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Once this was signed off we provided website design, SEO, graphic design for leaflets and brochure, logo design and business cards. This is currently in the launch phase.

About Outsource Your Media

The Outsource Your Marketing team offers personalised marketing services to businesses whatever size and stage they’re currently at. We’re an experienced team, with a close-knit network that offers a range of specialisms including web design, Search Engine Optimisation, content creation, campaign creation, and strategic development. We’ll provide the solution you need, at the time when you need it.

Short of time, people, resources to manage your marketing campaigns? Outsource Your Marketing provides a range of marketing solutions – call us on 01234 900203


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