Outsourced Marketing – The Pros and Cons

Outsourced Marketing – The Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Outsourced Marketing

Businesses have to make difficult choices all the time, but how to manage your marketing budget is one you need to get right, if you’re to prosper. Working with an outsourcing agency offers you flexibility, instant expertise, full or part-time input when you need it – but is it the right marketing solution for your business? In this article the OYM team looks at outsourced marketing – the pros and cons.

In What Circumstances Should You Think About Outsourcing Your Marketing?

Invariably the choice to outsource your marketing arises when in-house teams become over-stretched, or growing businesses need to plug gaps. Creating an in-house marketing team is a major investment, so outsourcing becomes a cost-effective solution. It can also start out pretty small, with an agency taking on social media, copywriting, email marketing, PPC campaigns, or SEO.

The 4 scenarios we see most often with our clients are:

1. Marketing Just Isn’t Happening.

If marketing is something that keeps falling through the cracks for your business, outsourced marketing could be a pleasant discovery. You’ll get instant sector knowledge, a range of skills, and no long-term commitment.

2. Your Website Isn’t Attracting Any Traffic.

There are simple ways to fix this problem, but you need someone with SEO expertise, and the time to devote to making your website Google friendly. Outsourced marketing can provide this.

3. Your Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working.

If your plan isn’t giving you the results you expected, outsourced marketing can provide a fresh perspective and a strategy that measures results and offers a return on your investment.

4. Uneven Marketing Effort.

Your existing team may have marketing experience, but do they have the headspace to apply their knowledge consistently? Why not use their skills to create briefs for the work an outsourced marketing agency can provide?

Outsourced Marketing – The Pros and Cons

A number of our clients come to us after having had their fingers burnt with outsourcing in the past. We thought it might be useful, therefore, to provide a list of the benefits of outsourcing your marketing, balanced with a few of the pitfalls.

3 Pros of Outsourced Marketing

1. Outsourcing Saves You Money

If you’ve been managing your marketing in-house to date it may be difficult to see how outsourcing can save you money. Which is why we always ask our clients to think about the value employees could bring to the business if they were able to focus on their expertise. Outsourcing agencies provide ways to fill your skills gaps, leaving your core team free to do what they do best. And if you don’t get the results you want, you can stop outsourcing whenever you want.

2. Instant Improvement in Output

An outsourced team will focus 100% on the task in hand. And they have the expertise to manage it efficiently to achieve the optimum output. This reduces the amount of management required on marketing briefs and increases the potential for high quality results. With an outsourced marketing team, you create the brief, agree the deadline, and review the results.

3. An Outside Perspective on Your Marketing

Quite often businesses approach us because they’ve been managing their own marketing since the start and have got stuck. They recognise that they need an outside eye on what they’re doing, and some expert advice on improving the impact of their materials. Often the issues we discover are relatively minor. But making small changes can result in an instant improvement.

3 Cons of Outsourced Marketing

1. Outsourced Marketers Don’t Love Your Business Like You Do

If you’re the founder of a business, no-one will ever love it like you. A marketing agency won’t know your sector as well as you, and they won’t understand your customers like you do. It’s important, therefore, that you choose an agency that is willing to start the relationship with a conversation about what it is you do, your customer profile, and your goals.

2. Incompetent Marketing Will Cost You Money

Watch out for the agencies that promise you the earth but don’t tell you how they will achieve it. We always advise our clients to try us out with a single email marketing campaign, for example. This gives both parties an opportunity to test the quality of communication, attention to detail, adherence to deadlines and quality control. If you’re happy with your test job, you can move on to bigger briefs.

3. Outsourced Marketers Aren’t in the Office With You

One of the unforeseen problems of outsourcing can be getting hold of the people working on your project. It’s important to agree the reporting process right from the start. Some of our clients need regular updates – so we schedule a 5 minute call every day if that’s what they need. Others prefer a hands-off approach, so we’ll organise a Skype call midway through the project to touch base.

Find Out the Outsourcing Agency That’s Right for You

As outsourcing grows, more and more agencies will be eager to offer you their services. It’s important that you find the one that understands and can respond to your specific requirements. If you’re a start-up, for example, you’re unlikely to want to use an agency that works on massive accounts for global brands.

The Outsource Your Marketing team offers personalised marketing services to local businesses that are just starting their outsourcing journey. We’re a very hands-on agency, that’s there when you need us, and willing to take the time it needs to learn your business.

Thinking of outsourcing your social media, SEO or email marketing? Call us today on 01234 900203 to discover the personalised service that we can offer your business.


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