Outsourced Social Media Management

Outsourced Social Media Management

Outsourced Social Media Management – A Case Study

Many small and medium sized businesses tell us they’d like to develop a social media presence but they just can’t carve out the time needed to do it successfully. Or alternatively, they’re frustrated that accounts set up a while back now languish because the person that originally set them up has left. Social media causes stress in most of businesses we speak to – so how can outsourced social media management help?

Rather than dealing in generalities, let’s take a look at a specific case study for one of our recent clients:

Case Study – Social Media for Local Plumbing Services

Our client is an established local business, with a loyal customer base, but he needs to reach a new audience using social media. Until now his reputation has been built on word-of-mouth, so this is the first digital campaign he’s run.

Step 1 – Getting to Know the Client

We spend time listening to our client talk about his plumbing business, his employees, and his clients. This gives us a sense of his brand, and of what works for him currently. We talk through the services he offers, and discuss the outcomes he’d like to see from his social media output.

Step 2 – Setting the Targets

In this case, as our client has little experience of social media, we suggested the initial social media targets. In subsequent discussions we agreed figures for increasing traffic to his newly launched website, and for the number of social media followers. Once a certain threshold was reached we agreed to start offering targeted promotions.

Step 3 – Creating the Strategy

We suggested the creation of two accounts – Facebook and Instagram. These would be promoted to existing customers, who would be encouraged to get others to like the page. We used photos of the team at work in this initial promotion. Initially there would be 3 posts per week to each account, and further posts could be made by our client if he wished.

Step 4 – Developing the Social Media

As soon as the accounts were set up, we started posting. The range of material includes case studies, tips and tricks, and original blogs about the services they offer. The existing customer base are now enthusiastic followers of the page, and the local case studies, in particular, draw a steady flow of new followers.

Step 5 – Monitoring and Reporting

The accounts are monitored weekly, and we provide reports monthly. These include:

  • Commentary on posts and their relative popularity (likes/comments)
  • Targets achieved, actions building on this
  • Targets missed and remedial actions
  • Relative engagement across accounts
  • New targets for coming month
  • Suggestions for special campaigns, events, competitions

At present our client is heavily invested in the Facebook page. He responds promptly to comments, has encouraged reviews on the page, and supplies us with case studies and photos regularly. His engagement is certainly a contributing factor to the success of the page to date.

About Outsource Your Marketing

We’re a close-knit team of specialists who combine to offer a range of high quality marketing services to our clients. We always deal personally with each of our clients, and find the solution that serves their business best. Alongside social media outsourcing, we also offer graphic design, web design, marketing activities and SEO.

Outsource Your Marketing offers outsourced social media management that’s tailored to your business’ needs. Call us on 01234 900203


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