Outsourcing Blog Writing

Outsourcing Blog Writing

Time vs. Impact: How Outsourcing Can Fuel Your Business Blog

Creating a business blog can be a powerful tool for attracting leads, building brand awareness, and establishing yourself as an industry authority. However, consistently producing high-quality content can be a significant time commitment.

Orbit Media found that businesses publishing 2-6 times per week experience 50% higher lead generation. With the recommended average word length of 1,000 words per post, maintaining this schedule often requires dedicating a large portion of your week to research, writing, SEO optimisation, and promotion.

Which is where Outsource Your Marketing comes in. For many small and medium-sized businesses, outsourcing blog writing is the key to managing content creation while focusing on core business activities. In this article, we’ll explore the practical strategies for outsourcing your blog writing to achieve optimal results for your business.

Finding the Perfect Voice for Your Blog – Insider Knowledge Meets Outsourcing Expertise

Building a loyal blog readership rests on consistently delivering valuable content. Readers crave insights, expert advice, and practical tips relevant to your specific product or service. This naturally raises the question: when outsourcing blog writing, can you maintain the authenticity and expertise that drew your audience in the first place?

While it’s true that company insiders have a depth of knowledge, it doesn’t have to be an obstacle to successful outsourcing. Here’s how you can bridge the gap:

1. Partner with experienced copywriters. Skilled bloggers will closely follow your brief, capture your brand voice, and tailor content to resonate with your target audience. They know how to hook readers, keep them engaged, and optimise posts for search engine visibility

2. Use sector-specific agencies. Look for agencies specialising in writing for your industry. They can provide bloggers familiar with your market, possibly even your competitors. This insider knowledge brings a distinct advantage, your blogger can offer unique insights and strategies to help your business stand out.

3. Embrace collaboration. Don’t view outsourcing as a handover. Establish clear communication channels, share your brand guidelines, and target audience insights, and actively collaborate with your writer. This ensures the content reflects your expertise and resonates with your readers.

Remember, outsourcing isn’t about replacing your knowledge, it’s about amplifying its reach. By partnering with the right writer or agency, you can free up your time, tap into fresh perspectives, and fuel your blog’s growth without sacrificing the voice and value that drew your audience in the first place.

Making Outsourcing Blog Writing Pay Off – A Roadmap to Cost-Effectiveness

Outsourcing blog writing promises a golden opportunity: free up your team, focus on neglected tasks, and boost your website’s return on investment (ROI) through increased traffic and conversions. But like any investment, it requires careful planning to ensure it delivers on its potential.

Here’s how to make outsourcing blog writing cost-effective and impactful:

1. Map Your Resources

Before hiring a writer, map where their work will fit into your existing workflow. How will their output free up your team’s time? Can you redeploy those saved hours to more strategic activities? Identifying these opportunities early will maximise the value you extract from outsourcing.

2. Cost vs. Conversion

Do your research on writer’s fees and determine a budget that aligns with your overall content strategy. Then, translate this budget into specific conversion goals. How much additional traffic and sales do you need to justify the investment? Setting these expectations upfront ensures a clear picture of your return on investment (ROI).

2. Cost vs. Conversion

3. Clear Communication is Key

Armed with your budget and conversion goals, have detailed conversations with potential writers. Be transparent about your expectations, target audience, and desired outcomes. This open communication sets the stage for a successful partnership and ensures the writer’s work aligns with your ROI objectives.

Remember, outsourcing isn’t just about saving time or money; it’s about strategic investment. By carefully planning resource allocation, setting realistic conversion goals, and communicating openly, you can turn outsourcing into a powerful engine for growth and ROI.

Building a Successful Collaboration: Keys to Effective Blog Writing Outsourcing

Whether you entrust your blog writing to a freelance copywriter or an agency, nurturing a strong professional relationship is key to maximising the benefits of outsourcing. Here’s how to cultivate a successful collaboration:

1. Initial Collaboration and Feedback

Invest in an initial “learning period” where someone from your core team works closely with your writer. This allows them to grasp your desired style, tone, and brand voice. Openly provide feedback and request revisions; this honest communication helps writers understand your expectations and refine their approach. Remember, most copywriters are eager to learn and adapt.

2. Transparency and Open Communication Around Timeframes

Acknowledge that writing time may be slower initially. Talk openly about deadlines and discuss any bottlenecks causing delays. Offer proactive support by providing clear briefs, relevant materials, and timely feedback. However, remember that hasty blog posts often lack the depth and quality of well-developed content.

3. Data-Driven Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Regularly analyse the performance of your outsourced blog writing, whether you do it yourself or rely on your outsourcing agency. Monitor key metrics like traffic, engagement, and conversions. Discuss these reports with your writer monthly, and work together to identify areas for improvement and strategising adjustments.

4. Open Communication & Addressing Difficulties

If the partnership isn’t delivering the desired results, be honest and proactive. Openly address your concerns and discuss potential solutions. Remember, sometimes a clear discussion can resolve issues and revitalise the collaboration. If, after honest attempts, the partnership isn’t working, ending it professionally may be the best course of action.

Remember, successful outsourcing is a collaborative journey. By investing in initial collaboration, communicating openly, and continuously monitoring and optimising, you can build a thriving partnership that fuels your blog’s growth and delivers tangible results.

Outsource Your Marketing has been providing outsourced blog writing to businesses across the UK for the past decade. Call us today for a free consultation with your team to discuss your specific blog writing needs – 01234 900203


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