Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Remember when you just placed ads in a range of sector-specific journals? What a different world that was! Now the digital marketing opportunities can seem endless. 21st century businesses have to decide where to place their resources, and which of the many available channels are appropriate to their product, rather than just working out which ads they can afford.

Companies that contact Outsource Your Marketing tend to fall into one of two clear categories:

Have a Digital Marketing Strategy. For these businesses, clear goals are already set and there’s a detailed plan of how their chosen marketing channels will help them to meet those goals. Outsourcing digital marketing delivers the resources required to fulfil their strategy.

Don’t Have a Marketing Strategy. These businesses have marketing goals but need support to translate them into a strategy. They’re looking for an outsourced specialist with a detailed knowledge of the digital marketing channels on offer, to create a coherent marketing plan.

In this blog, we look at the top 5 digital channels, and consider how they can help you to achieve your marketing goals:

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If your business relies on driving traffic to your website, SEO is of critical importance. Search Engine Optimisation is all about improving your ranking in the Search Engines. 93% of online journeys start with a Search Engine, and 75% of those never get beyond page 1  of Google, Yahoo etc. So, if you want to optimise visitor numbers, you need SEO to get your business climbing the rankings.

2. Social Media Marketing

There are 45 million social media users in the UK, and – on average – they spend just under 2 hours each day on Facebook, Twitter etc. Business use of this extraordinary resource is still patchy, though. Research carried out in 2018 showed that smaller companies were getting left behind in the race for the social media market. Outsourcing social media management engages your audience without eating up your in-house resources.

3. Content Marketing

Advertising is all about saying ‘Buy my product’; content marketing is all about providing valuable resources for your customers. What constitutes ‘valuable content’ is different for every sector. Here’s some examples of the content we’re provided for clients:

  • Tips for how to unblock your sink – Plumbing business
  • Valentine competition – Double Glazing business
  • CGI walk through – Estate Agents
  • Animated Tutorial – Engineering business

The creation of tailored content that appeals to your customers and provides real value in the format they prefer is time-consuming. But the rewards are ongoing loyalty to your brand, shares, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

4. Email Marketing

For companies with a customer network who have opted in to receiving digital communications, email marketing is a great way to promote your brand. These work best when there a regular rhythm to the email postings, and they provide a variety of different kinds of content. So our outsourced email management team send out newsletters, promotions, new product announcements, and case studies on behalf of clients.

5. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Marketing needs patience; it’s all about playing the long game. Pay-per-click offers you the opportunity to inject the immediacy of advertising into your marketing strategy. You set a budget, determine your positioning (you pay more for ‘top slots’), and pay only when the ad is clicked on. PPC can be placed – for example – on the Google results page, Facebook or LinkedIn. Our PPC specialists can set up a campaign around your business goals, and will tweak it in order to achieve the very best results for you.

About Outsource Your Marketing

Smaller companies tend to find it more difficult to create and fulfil an effective marketing strategy. The problem in 99% of the businesses we deal with comes down to not having the time, or resources to invest in web design, social media, or blogging, or SEO. At Outsource Your Marketing we have a tight-knit network of specialist associates who can run your marketing activities for you. Best of all, you pay us only when we’re working for you.

Have you thought of outsourcing digital marketing? Outsource Your Marketing provides specialist associates when you need them. Call us on 01234 900203


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