Outsourcing Marketing Campaign Management


Need Someone to Manage Your PPC Promotion, Email Marketing or Social Media Competition?
We'll Sort It For You.

At OYM, outsourcing marketing campaign management covers:

  • Campaign Creation. Got a clear idea of your goals, but unsure how to achieve them? Our campaign managers will help to shape your campaigns
  • Campaign Resources. Once we have a clear brief, we create a specialist team to design graphics, research keywords and write original copy for you
  • Project Management. Your marketing campaign will be professionally project managed, from writing the brief to reporting on success rates
  • Campaign Monitoring. Once your campaign’s up and running we’ll monitor it’s success rate, carry out A/B testing and tweak to optimise responses

Looking for a team of experts to design and deliver your marketing campaign for you? OYM has the expertise to help.
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How do I choose the platform for my campaign?

Your campaign manager will take time to understand your business, your customers and your goals. Then they’ll provide expert advice and guidance on which platform to choose, campaign duration, and content.

What if I only have a limited budget to spend?

We work to the budget you have. The aim of OYM campaign managers is always to achieve the best return for what you can afford to spend. We’ll also offer projections on how to build budget based on campaign success.

How will I know if the campaign is working?

It should be delivering on the goals your campaign manager set with you in the early stages. You’ll receive ongoing reports detailing success rates, and goals met. Best of all, if the campaign’s working, you see sales going up!

Marketing Campaign Management


Could Your Business Benefit From Outsourcing Marketing Campaign Management?

“If you’re are 100 times better at marketing than accounting, then focus on marketing, and hire someone else to do your accounting. Work out what do you need to stop doing yourself, and outsource it to somebody else.”

– Josh Steimle

87% of marketers plan to invest more in email campaigns

The return on investment for email marketing campaign is far higher than for direct mail, and the conversion rate is over 100% greater than social media. Campaign Monitor

63% of searchers said they’d click on a Google Ad

Google has built a brand that promotes engagement, reliable information and helpful content. Their ads tend to be trusted by buyers, therefore. Search Engine Land

52% of advertising has been digital since 2017

The transformation of marketing from hard copy to digital moved to over 50% in 2017 and has been steadily growing ever since. Plum Report

68% of B2B businesses use strategic landing pages

Strategic landing pages, when used as part of a PPC or email marketing campaign focuses attention on specific products and increases sales. Marketo

Looking for a simple and effective way to boost your sales?

Outsourcing marketing campaign management is a simple solution to your business’ needs. And the process is professionally project managed from start to finish.

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