Outsourcing Marketing Management


Looking for a Marketing Manager Who Will Pull Together the Resources You Need, and Project Manage Your Campaign?
We'll Sort It For You.

At Outsource Your Marketing, outsourcing marketing management covers:

  • Creating a Brief. We take time to understand your business and your goals. Once we’ve assessed your needs, we’ll create a detailed brief
  • Assembling the Dream Team. OYM is a network of marketing specialists. Your marketing manager will select the most appropriate experts to work for you
  • Project Management. All our outsourced work is professionally project managed to ensure our clients get the very best ROI for the work we do
  • A Tailored Marketing Team. You’ll get the benefit of specialist expertise, when you need it. And remember, you only pay us when you need us

Looking for a team of specialists to work on your marketing? OYM has the expertise to help - Call 01234 900203 today.

Isn’t it cheaper to do marketing in-house?

Building a marketing team takes time, and it’s costly to train. Outsourcing marketing management gives you a team of experts instantly, who’ll hit the ground running. And you’ll only pay us when we’re working on your behalf.

How will I keep track of what you’re doing?

Your marketing manager will be the sole point of contact for your outsourced team. They’ll provide ongoing reporting, offering details of work completed, goals achieved and success rate. We always adhere to an agreed brief.

What if I need support for an existing team?

We’re happy to provide outsourced marketing resources to supplement your existing team. We won’t tread on toes – we’re good collaborators. And you get the benefit of an outside eye, and the input of specialists.

Marketing Management


Could Your Business Benefit From Outsourcing Marketing Management?

“Recruiting great marketers should be your number one priority.”

– Kipp Bodnar, CMO, HubSpot

42% of UK businesses outsource their marketing

Recent research shows that just under half of UK businesses are choosing to outsource marketing to external specialists. Marketing Signals

59% of UK businesses outsource to save money

Many companies find freeing up their in-house team to focus on core functions makes outsourcing a cost-saving exercise. Deloitte

62% of businesses outsource content marketing

Creating unique, engaging content consistently is key to the majority of marketing campaigns. Many companies use professional writers for this. Content Marketing Statistics

95% of businesses see outsourcing as crucial to growth

If marketing isn’t your core activity, building a specialist team can slow you down. Whilst outsourcing offers rapid growth. Medium

Looking for a simple and effective way to grow your business’ marketing expertise?

Outsourcing marketing management offers a solution to your business’ resource needs. And the process is professionally project managed from start to finish.

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