Outsourcing Marketing Services

Outsourcing Marketing Services

How Outsourcing Marketing Services Saves You Budget and Time

When businesses are uncertain about outsourcing their marketing, we unleash what we like to call our ‘killer questions’ on them. They are:

  • Is marketing your core business?
  • Is marketing a key differentiator in your sector?
  • Are your employees marketing experts?
  • Would outsourcing your marketing free up time for core activities?

Small businesses tend to be pragmatic about marketing; in order to avoid incurring extra expense they do the job in-house. As they grow however, a tipping point is reached where continuing to do the job in-house starts to cost the business money, rather than saving it.

How Do You Know if You’ve Reached the Tipping Point?

Here are 3 tell-tale signs that you’ve reached that tipping point moment:

1. You’re working to capacity but for minimal returns

This could signal that you need to re-focus your attention on your core activity.

2. You keep saying to each other ‘We need to do something about marketing’

It’s an area of the business that can easily drift if you don’t have the in-house expertise.

3. You’ve paid out for a marketing consultant, but nothing seems to have changed

If you don’t have time to dedicate to your marketing campaign, it’s likely to founder.

What To Do When You’ve Identified the Tipping Point?

Things start to get easier once you know that you can’t continue to juggle marketing activities, without endangering your core activities. Businesses tend to experience a ‘breathe easier’ moment at this stage, as you realise that there’s a way forward, and it’s fairly easy to implement. Best of all outsourcing your marketing is cost-effective, especially if you’re dissatisfied with the current return.

How to Estimate the Cost of Outsourcing Your Marketing

Many of the businesses we talk to are concerned about adding a new line into the budget. So we suggest a different approach:

  1. Ask everyone currently involved in marketing activity to work out how many hours they spend in a week on this non-core activity. Cost those hours.
  2. Now ask everyone what the benefits would be of having those lost hours available for their core activity. Cost those benefits.
  3. Now add into the mix the current budget for marketing activities.
  4. Add these three sums together to find the true cost to the business of your current marketing activities.

The sum you arrive at will probably be a bit of a shock, but it’s also a great ‘call to action’.

How Can Outsourcing Marketing Services Save You Money?

Outsourced marketing services work far more efficiently than your team ever could. Why? Because it’s their core business, whilst it isn’t yours. They have the expertise, experience, professional network and tools to be able to manage your marketing better, and for a fraction of the budget you’re probably currently spending on it.

Outsource Your Marketing Services

We offer a whole range of different services, making us a flexible and cost-effective service, whatever your requirements. So, whether you need new business cards designed, printed and delivered in a rush, or you’re looking for a long-term professional marketing relationship, we can help.

Call us today on 01234 900203 to start a conversation about the kind of marketing services you need in order to be able to focus on your core activity.


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