Outsourcing Social Media

Outsourcing Social Media

Is Social Media Outsourcing Good For Building Online Visibility?

Tired of social media being the hot potato in the office? It’s a common problem; social campaigns require the time and expertise most businesses find it hard to resource in-house. Which is why outsourcing social media has become a regular solution for brands, no matter their size. After all, handing over your social media accounts to an expert guarantees results for your investment.

In this article the Outsource Your Marketing team guides you through the pros and cons of social media outsourcing.

What are the Benefits to Business of Outsourcing Social Media?

If you’re still unsure whether paying an outsourcing agency to manage your social media accounts is a good idea, take a look at the potential benefits it could offer your business:

  • Free-Up Your Team. If you have a social media expert working for you, all well and good. Otherwise, hand over the work to specialists and let your team focus on their strengths. They’ll be happier, and the business will benefit.
  • Access Instant Expertise. Experienced social media experts will be able to strengthen your existing strategy, develop goal-driven targets such as leads, brand awareness, engagement, and grow your online visibility.
  • Enhanced Engagement. Social media accounts grow when there’s energy and drive behind them. Outsourcing social media will speed up response times to online questions or comments, nurturing brand awareness.
  • Data-Driven Strategy. Your outsourcing agency will provide regular reporting based on data analytics. You’ll get insights into where your leads are coming from, which platform or content is performing best, and where to invest in targeted ads.

How About the Challenges?

Outsourcing your social media is an excellent opportunity for growing your business online, but you need to find the right outsourcing agency that can deliver for you.

  • There’s Bad and Good Options. You’ll find plenty of outsourcing professionals saying they can deliver for you, so how do you sort the wheat from the chaff? Firstly, don’t go for the cheapest, or the most expensive. Be prepared to pay a reasonable amount for the expertise on offer. Outsourcing agencies work with experienced freelancers who have already gone through their selection process, which makes your job easier.
  • The Handover Will Take Time. Once you find an outsourcing agency you trust, be prepared to invest time in ensuring they know your brand and your ‘brand voice’. This is something that has to be learnt, so don’t expect perfect results straight away. Find as many examples as you can to give them a clear brief and keep correcting until you’re happy with what you see.
  • Clarify the Relationship. As the client, you choose how to manage the relationship, so be clear upfront about how you like to work. Do you prefer emails, or calls? When’s best to ask for feedback, and how long do you need to respond. Who will brief and what form will that take. If you set it up right to begin with, you should enjoy a stress-free relationship with your outsourced agency.

Are You Ready to Outsource Your Social Media Accounts?

Outsourcing social media is a strategic decision; you’ll be investing part of your marketing budget, so you need to know exactly why you’re doing it, what you’re expecting as a result, and whether it’s where you need to be investing right now. Try answering these questions before you come to your final resolve on it:

Are You Ready to Outsource Your Social Media Accounts?

1. Is Your Business Willing to Resource Social Media?

Outsourcing social media will relieve your team of writing content, scheduling posts, and responding to online questions, but it won’t make it disappear completely. Someone will need to take the lead on researching outsourcing agencies, handing over brand collateral, and providing ongoing briefs and feedback.

2. Are You Clear About Your Brand Voice?

Be brutally honest? Is the problem that you haven’t yet nailed your brand voice? It’s a tough challenge and it may be that you need help with it before you outsource your social media. An outsourcing agency will have brand identity specialists who can help you to develop a voice that is right for your business and speaks to your target customers.

3. What do You Want From Your Social Media Accounts?

What do You Want From Your Social Media Accounts

The approach your outsourcing agency takes will be determined by the goals you want them to achieve. Are you looking for heightened brand awareness, more leads and conversions, or enhanced customer service? Whatever the answer, when outsourcing social media, the clearer your goals the better the results you can expect.

4. Is Social Media Still The Right Approach?

Not every business needs social media accounts, and you may feel that it’s just not the right approach for your business. If you’re look for a fresh approach to digital marketing, why not talk to a marketing campaigns specialist? They will be able to make suggestions based on your sector and the kind of customers you want to target.

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