Outsourcing Website Management

Outsourcing Website Management

Outsourcing Website Management

Getting your website looking good, and working like you want it, is a big achievement. But it’s not a case of ‘job done’. If you have a business that’s depending on a website to promote your product and make conversions, it’s just the first step to online success. A website design provides you with your online ‘store’, but without website management it’s as though the shutters are down and the lights are out.

Research carried out recently by Google found that 91% of published content on the web receives no search traffic whatsoever from Google. And that scary statistic will include beautifully designed websites that simply sit online, inert and ignored. In this blog we look at 5 website management services that help you on your way to online success:

  • Responsive design
  • Speed optimisation
  • Analytics reports
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates

5 Website Management Services You Need for Your Business

A website never ‘arrives’, it gradually evolves to become the online promotional tool you need. Part of that process is about content, imagery and design. But the technical management of your site is what will give you a successful online presence.

1. Is Your Site Responsive?

85% of users now say they expect company websites to be as easy to use on their phone as on a desktop. Anything less is considered unacceptable. Many website designers now ‘hard bake’ mobile friendliness into their design process, but not all. If your new website isn’t ‘responsive’ on all devices, website management will solve the issue for you.

2. How Fast Does Your Site Load?

Mobile culture has acculturated us to instant access whilst we’re out and about. Which means that site loading speeds really matter. Imagine you’re looking for a product whilst out shopping and you search for ‘xxx near me’. If the recommended site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you’ll move on to the next. Test out your site’s loading speed, it may need speed optimisation to make it competitive.

3. Do You Know Who’s Visiting Your Site?

Google provides website managers with an amazing analytical resource, for free. Google Analytics gives you real time reports on how many visitors each page receives, where they’ve accessed your site from, how long they stayed, etc. Only around 50% of published websites currently access this tool. Providing ongoing analytics reports is a critical service offered as part of website management.

4. Where’s Your Site in the Search Engines?

Your website needs to be found by people looking for what you’re selling. The way this happens is via the major search engines. The higher your ranking, the more visitors your site will get. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ‘hardwires’ your website to ensure a good ranking position.

It does this by:

  • Ensuring that your website copy integrates high volume search terms
  • Using ‘Google My Business’ for local search efficiency
  • Applying keywords to all titles and meta descriptions
  • Providing ‘alt text’ description for all images
  • Offering clear informational resources in a variety of formats

5. Is Your Site Up-to-Date?

The software supporting your site will need regular updating – preferably monthly – in order to keep your visitors’ online experience glitch free. Not running frequent updates also leaves you subject to security threats which could compromise your site and leave you with an expensive bill for repairs. Management services include ongoing maintenance and updates.

About Outsource Your Marketing

OYM provides specialist services to businesses that are looking for ways to free up their time. Our website optimisation service provides ongoing care and attention for your website, ensuring that it provides the return on investment that you require.

Outsourcing website management ensures online success for your website, and gives you the time you need to concentrate on your business. Call us today on 01234 900203


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