PPC Campaign Management

PPC Campaign Management

Outsourcing PPC Campaign Management

Suppose you’re planning a promotion, or sale on featured goods. You’ll want to drive an increased volume of visitors to your site for the promotion period. And there’s no better way to do that than a Pay-Per-Click campaign. This targeted advertising is akin to turning on a tap. Get it right and you’ll experience an influx of visitors as soon as the campaign starts.

How Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Work?

PPC uses search engine advertising sites such as Bing Ads or Google AdWords to target searchers looking for products like yours. Keywords trigger the appearance of your ads, ensuring that they’re seen by people who are interested and likely to click through. If they don’t click through, you don’t pay. The bottom line is that you’re buying visits from interested parties to your site.

What are the Benefits of Pay-Per-Click?

If you’re already using Search Engine Optimisation you’ll know that it’s a long game. It takes time to build authority for your site, so your climb up the rankings can be slow. PPC is like shooting to prime position on page 1 in a second. You need budget for pay-per-click but the fact that you only pay when people click through makes it a reasonable proposition.

Any Drawbacks?

Just one – the setup. Creating an effective PPC campaign that will deliver straight off requires skills and experience. Campaign managers have to bid for the keywords they use to target their ads, and a professional will know how to achieve a top spot for your ad without simply throwing money at it in a bidding war. They also know how to set reasonable goals which can can deliver on, according to the budget you’re able to invest.

In the same way that SEO requires constant attention in order to adjust your strategy to match changing algorithms, so PPC requires ongoing attention and responsive adjustment throughout the campaign. A skilled PPC manager will maximise the return on your investment by constant attention to detail throughout your ad’s duration.

Outsourcing PPC Campaign Management

Unless you have an experienced PPC campaign manager on your marketing team, or you can afford to train someone to the task, we would recommend outsourcing to a digital marketing agency. In doing so, you immediately access:

  • Speedy Setup. If you see an opportunity, and decide to run a flash promotion, your PPC campaign will be ready to go when you are.
  • Strategy and Goal Setting. Your PPC campaign manager will be able to advise on budget. If you have a set amount to spend, they’ll be able to predict the return you can expect on it.
  • Assured Expertise. An outsource expert will spend much of their time on search engine advertising sites, which means they’ll know how to get the very best deal for you.

Working With Outsource Your Marketing

Outsource Your Marketing provides PPC campaign management for numerous clients. Some are SEO clients who are looking for ‘bursts’ of visitor activity, others want only our PPC service. Whatever your requirements, you’ll pay for PPC expertise only when you need it. Every campaign is accompanied by detailed reporting demonstrating goal attainment, and strategic adjustments throughout.

Looking for increased volume of traffic to your site? Why not let Outsource Your Marketing provide expert PPC campaign management to achieve it? Call 01234 900203


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