PPC for Plumbers

PPC for Plumbers

How to Create Effective PPC Plumbing Marketing

There are around 150,000 plumbers working across the UK in 2023. The vast majority of them will be online, either with a website or a social media page, all of them trying to get their voices heard above the crowd. Imagine if you could bypass the internet scrum and stroll to the top of the Google results page, so anyone looking for a plumber in your area will see your advert first. Well, that’s what our PPC for plumbers service offers.

What is PPC For Plumbers?

PPC stands for ‘pay-per-click’. It’s online advertising that allows you to display your ads directly to customers who are actively searching for plumbing services. The ads use smart technology so they only appear to searchers who need a plumber. Your ad appears on the Google search results pages, or social media – wherever your think your customers are most likely to be searching for your services.

You pay a fee each time someone clicks on your ad, through to your site, or calls you.

The Benefits of PPC

The key to online marketing success is being able to speak directly to your customers. PPC for plumbers, cuts through the crowd so that your ads appear to your customers when they are in need a plumber.

The 5 top benefits of PPC for plumbers are:

  1. You can select the exact geographical area you want your ad displayed in.
  2. There’s no ongoing contract; you set a monthly budget to start advertising, and you can adjust your ad, or stop displaying it whenever you want.
  3. You can set goals, such as growing traffic to the website, or calling the business, which you can track in real time.
  4. You learn about the search terms your customers use, so you can tune your ad to attract the most traffic.
  5. PPC will strengthen your brand. The prominent positioning of an eye-catching add will enhance the impact of your business online.

How To Get Started With PPC Plumbing Marketing

Outsource Your Marketing is an established and experienced provider of PPC marketing for plumbers. Which means that we know your sector well and can guarantee an excellent return on your investment. Our goal is to create PPC ads that generate enough revenue to cover the cost of you running them.

Working with Outsource Your Marketing ensures that you’ll get an experienced PPC campaign manager who will take you through every stage of the process

  • Goal Setting. All our PPC campaigns are goal driven, and we will report of our progress against those goals throughout the campaign.
  • Campaign Creation. We’ll decide on the best platform for your PPC ad. Then we’ll create an eye-catching ad and set your monthly budget.
  • Testing. Your campaign manager will carry out careful testing to ensure that we hit the ‘sweet spot’ for your demographic.
  • Monitoring. Once the ad is up-and-running we constantly monitor it in order to achieve maximum impact for you.
  • Reports. We’ll deliver detailed reports on the goals met, the number of click-throughs, their search terms, and the demographic.

Why Work With Outsource Your Marketing

Quite simply, we live, eat, and breathe what we do in order to get results for our clients. Over the past decade we have provided PPC for plumbers who are just starting out, regional drain clearance businesses, and well-established plumbing organisations. In every case we have campaigned effectively, using PPC advertising and our clients have seen significant business growth as a result.

Would you like to speak to a PPC campaign manager about our experience managing PPC for plumbers? Call us on 01234 900203 or let us know what you need doing.


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