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Why Choose OYM For Recruitment Agencies SEO?

According to a Google study, 88 percent of job seekers start their search online. But with so many recruitment websites available, it’s important to show job hunters that your recruitment company is posting legitimate job vacancies. Ranking high on search engines as a result of SEO goes a long way toward establishing the credibility of your business.


OYM’s SEO specialists optimise your website’s technical and on-page components for Google. This guarantees that your company is swiftly matched to someone using Google to search for a job. SEO services enhance the quantity of targeted visits to your website as well as their chance of converting.

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Outsource Your Marketing is Bedfordshire-based; we provide SEO for recruitment agencies across the UK.

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SEO Services We Offer for Recruitment Agencies

• Product copy
• Blogs
• Meta descriptions
• Images
• Web copy

• Site indexing
• Loading speed
• Responsiveness
• Backlinks

• WordPress Website Design
• E-Commerce Websites
• Website Hosting
• Website Management

• Google Ads
• Bing Ads
• Facebook Ads
• Campaign Management

• Newsletters and Brochures
• Website Copy
• Thought Pieces
• Blogs
• Social Media Posts

• Marketing Consultancy
• Project Management
• Campaign Creation
• Campaign Management
• Outsourced Marketing Team

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Recruit more clients online

The higher your recruitment agency ranks on Google, the greater your visibility in relevant job searches, and the faster clients can find their ideal job listing. SEO offers sector-specific services designed to make your company more visible in search results, providing a better chance of attracting attention, converting clients, and generating business.


At Outsource Your Marketing, our SEO services for recruitment agencies include:

    • On-page and technical SEO, making your website visible to google.
    • A responsive website that clearly outlines the job listings you have available.
    • Specialist copywriting and content that integrates keywords relevant to job seekers.
    • Stunning imagery and graphics, with added alt tags.
    • Combined PPC and SEO to instantly grow your online traffic.
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SEO Marketing Specialists

Our SEO recruitment professionals manage your website content to help you rank better in search results and reach a larger audience.

Tailored SEO Marketing for Recruiters

To obtain the best results, the SEO we use for our recruitment clients considers more than 200 SEO ranking factors.

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What's included in our SEO services?

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO, also known as on-site SEO, is the practice of refining a website’s text and imagery with industry-specific keywords. These are the most common terms and phrases used by people looking for jobs online. When you incorporate SEO keywords in your content, search engines find it easier to match your website to a user’s search intent.

On-page SEO includes updating website text, title tags, internal linking, and backlinks.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO helps to enhance the usability of a website for users while simultaneously making it easier for search engines to “read” and comprehend it. Recruitment  websites that have been SEO-optimised load in under 2 seconds, look great on any device, and function seamlessly on every screen size. They also include a site map, which depicts the layout of the site and aids search engine crawlers in understanding it.

Content That Adds Value For Visitors

Creating a website that defines your company and provides value to visitors is at the heart of SEO.

It’s worth checking that your website has content that will persuade individuals to explore multiple pages rather than simply the home page when they first visit. Recruiters can work with OYM’s SEO content developers to create a range of relevant material, such as videos, technical information, live chats, case studies, and instructive articles.

Each page will be optimised for conversions by using content, technological aspects, calls to action, and a meta description.

SEO Website Design

OYM can build an SEO-optimised website from the ground up, with a well-known CMS like WordPress, and integrate eCommerce solutions if appropriate. We’ll implement SEO during the design phase to guarantee that your website is readily available to be indexed and crawled by Google when it goes live.

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