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SEO for Retailers

SEO helps shoppers find your store online, and improves your sales.
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Why Choose OYM For Retail SEO Services?

SEO services give your retail business a fighting chance in a world where eCommerce companies compete for online sales. Retail SEO makes sure that you rank higher than your closest competitors in search engine results. This kind of visibility improves the chances of shoppers picking your site over stores with similar products.


An online store that takes its bottom line seriously should consider SEO for organic search on Google. OYM is an established eCommerce SEO company that offers content creation and keyword research to optimise your website’s technical and on-page elements.

Outsource Your Marketing is Bedfordshire-based; we provide SEO for retail stores across the UK.

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SEO Services We Offer for Retailers

• Product copy
• Blogs
• Meta descriptions
• Images
• Web copy

• Site indexing
• Loading speed
• Responsiveness
• Backlinks

• WordPress Website Design
• E-Commerce Websites
• Website Hosting
• Website Management

• Google Ads
• Bing Ads
• Facebook Ads
• Campaign Management

• Newsletters and Brochures
• Website Copy
• Thought Pieces
• Blogs
• Social Media Posts

• Marketing Consultancy
• Project Management
• Campaign Creation
• Campaign Management
• Outsourced Marketing Team

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Attract customers online

eCommerce giants like Amazon and Asos can steal your prospective customers away just by ranking at the top of Google and Bing. With advanced search engine optimisation (SEO), your growing business can reach users at critical points in their buying journey, so they land on your website before your competitors’.


At Outsource Your Marketing, our SEO services for retailers include:

    • On-page and technical SEO, to ensure your website is ready for Google.
    • An eCommerce website to showcase your products and provide seamless checkout.
    • Copywriting and content creation containing keywords relevant to your business.
    • Integrated shop and checkout platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify.
    • A mix of SEO and PPC to give an instant jolt to your online traffic.
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Targeted eCommerce SEO

Our retail SEO experts will optimise the content of your website to increase visibility and position you higher in search results.

SEO for Retail Websites

In order to attain maximum performance, the SEO we use for retailers takes into account Google’s 200 SEO ranking factors.

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What's included in our SEO for Small Businesses service?

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO, also known as on-site SEO, is the process of using industry-specific keywords to optimise your eCommerce website’s text and images. These keywords are the terms and phrases that people will regularly use while looking online for the particular products your shop offers. You can make it simpler for search engines to match your website to a user’s search intent by adding SEO keywords within your content.

Updates to a website’s copy, title tags, internal links, and backlinks are all part of on-page SEO.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO aims to improve a website’s usability for customers while also making it simpler for search engines to “read” and understand. A retail website that has been optimised for SEO will load quickly, look fantastic on all devices, and work flawlessly on all screen sizes. It’s worth providing a sitemap that grants an overview of the website’s structure, and aids search engines in indexing it.

Content That Adds Value For Visitors

For retail stores, developing a website that delivers customer value and a seamless shopping experience is important.

High ranking websites offer SEO rich content that encourages visitors to explore the site rather than simply scanning the home page. A variety of content, such as product images, product information, customer service chats, graphics, social media integration, and instructive articles, can be produced with the aid of OYM’s SEO content marketers.

Each page will be optimised for conversions using its content, technical elements, calls to action, and meta descriptions.

SEO Website Design

Using a well-known CMS like WordPress and integrated eCommerce solutions, OYM can construct an SEO-optimised website from scratch. To make sure your website is immediately ready to be indexed and found on Google when it goes live, we’ll incorporate SEO during the design process.

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