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Outsourcing SEO Web Design

Many of the calls we receive are from businesses who have recently launched a new website but aren’t seeing any significant online traffic to it. Sound familiar? A quick investigation normally reveals that they’re operating without any on-site optimisation. This means that the site has been designed without any consideration given to how potential visitors will find it via the major search engines.

It’s understandable that businesses feel indignant to discover that their website isn’t likely to be found online, but it’s not necessarily your designer’s fault. Not every web design agency offers site optimisation, or search engine optimisation (SEO). If your designer hasn’t included it in the design process, it can be applied retroactively, but it’s best to have SEO hard-baked into your website from the start.

What is Website SEO?

Most online searches start with one of the major search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Websites appearing on the first page of these search engines are there because they’ve been reviewed favourably by the engine’s ‘web crawlers’. Website SEO has two main tasks:

  1. Ensure that a search engine is able to crawl and understand your web content
  2. Create a website that offers a comparable experience on any device, is fast loading, has clear navigation, and provides content that’s appropriate, original, and of value to users.

A Quick Guide to On Site Optimisation

The aim of SEO is to get your website ranking on page one of the major search engines. The key to achieving this requires technical attention, in the first instance, and user-related attention thereafter.

Technical SEO Web Design

This is all about ensuring that web crawlers are able to find the site and assess it. Technical SEO includes:

  • Indexing the website
  • H1 titles on every page
  • Alt text for all imagery on the website
  • An internal linking structure
  • SEO titles throughout
  • Responsive design

User-Related SEO

When searching for goods or services online, people use phrases such as ‘local plumber gas boilers’, or ‘dress alterations near me’. These generic phrases are known as ‘keywords’; they’re the words that people use to find something. Keyword research is fundamental to people finding you because the search engine will match keywords to websites offering the most relevant content.

At a basic level, your website needs to use appropriate keywords. It also needs to load quickly, and have a navigational structure that is easy to use. The content should provide useful information in a range of formats, and be refreshed regularly. Once a web crawler finds your web pages, it reviews them based on the value they offer to visitors.

How Can Outsource Your Marketing Can Help With SEO Web Design?

All our web designers offer online optimisation as an option. Instead of waiting for clients to ask about SEO, we offer it as part of our outsourced web design service. If you have a website that requires online optimisation, we can apply SEO to it in order to improve the ranking, and increase visitors to your site. We also supply SEO optimised content for websites in the form of blogs, website copy, and meta-descriptions.

Want to improve your online presence? Outsource Your Marketing provides SEO web design to improve your search engine ranking, and increase visitors – call 01234 900203


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