Successful Marketing Campaigns

Successful Marketing Campaigns

What’s the Recipe For Successful Marketing Campaigns?

A great meal satisfies the appetite, but it also delights the eyes, dazzles our taste buds, and smells delicious. Restaurants create food that works on all the senses – which is what a successful marketing campaigns do too. And just as any chef will tell you that great food is the product of fresh and tasty ingredients, so it is with business marketing.

So, we’ll start with the recipe, and then move on to the ways in which the ingredients are combined to produce a result. You will need:

  • A Team. Marketing campaigns are made up of copywriters, graphic designers, web designers, project managers – all the people who will create effective messaging.
  • Content. This could be videos, blogs, emails, or social media messaging.
  • Goals. A key ingredient is knowing what you want to achieve from your campaign and knowing how you’ll determine whether or not you’ve succeeded.
  • Design. Without a ‘look’ that binds your campaign together, you’ll just have a hotch-potch. Make sure you have a clear brand that makes your marketing distinctive.
  • Budget. Marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it can’t be done without a budget. Determine what you have to spend and stick to it.

Method for Creating Successful Marketing Campaigns

6 steps that describe how to combine the above ingredients in order to create successful campaigns:

Step One. Create Your Goal.

Marketing isn’t about direct sales, so it’s important to know what success looks like with your marketing campaign. Start out by describing what the purpose of your campaign is – increase brand awareness, advertise an event, promote a new product, for example. Then turn your purpose into a goal with clear actions – here’s what it might look like:

Use Instagram, Facebook and Tik-Tok to introduce existing followers to our new product by clicking through to a dedicated landing page by month end.

Step Two. Measurements

How will you know if your campaign has succeeded? You’ll set the goals it needs to meet and then see if it has achieved them. It may be that ‘success’ is a target number of click-through to your new product landing page. Or, if you need the campaign to pay for itself, you may need to work out how many conversions you need to achieve to break even.

Step Three. Who is the Campaign For?

A chef who cooks up burgers for a vegan convention will soon go out of business. Find out who you’re communicating with, and cook up the sights, smells, words, and images that will delight them. You should also check out that the people you’re talking to are hanging out where you think they are – otherwise, you’ll have great tasting messages and no takers.

Step Four. Blend Your Team

Now you need to get the creative juices flowing by blending your team together to produce to look, feel and driving energy of the campaign. Every component needs to come from the same source, and be speaking the same language, even though the medium may be different. Keep everyone talking to each other, feeding back, and moving together towards the goal.

Step Five. Launch Your Campaign

Your project manager will keep everyone on track and ensure that deadlines are met. As the launch date gets closer make sure that everyone knows how the campaign will be served up, and what their roles are in the process. Run it through in advance; work out monitoring and contingency plans.

Step Six. Assess the Success of Your Campaign

Once the campaign in finished, take the measurements you set out in advance set out in a report. Didn’t hit your targets? Doesn’t mean that the campaign is worthless. Analyse your process, work out where you lost traction, expose your blind spots and do better next time. The only real failure is not seeing clearly what went right, and what went wrong.

Creating Successful Marketing Campaigns With Outsource Your Marketing

Looking for someone with marketing experience to lead a marketing campaign in your business? Outsource Your Marketing can help. We provide specialists to work with you either on a short-term, or long-term basis. Simply tell us what the purpose of your campaign is, and we’ll turn it into a goal-driven marketing success for your business.

Interested in working with Outsource Your Marketing to create successful marketing campaigns? Call us today on 01234 900203


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