Want to Get a Featured Snippet on Google

Featured Snippet

Want to Get a Featured Snippet on Google?

The ‘featured snippet’ is now a regular feature of the Google search engine. It appears in what’s known as ‘position 0’ right above the non-paid search results. And it provides an answer, or helpful information in response to your search term. So if you type in “What’s a Google featured snippet?” you get an extract from a blog which gives a concise response.

Why Do Featured Snippets Matter?

Since 2014 Google has been encouraging a more tailored response for visitors to search engines and websites. This is all part of a move away from bombarding visitors with your sales pitch, towards a more nuanced consideration of what information might be useful to them. Google snippets ‘reward’ sites that offer this kind of content, by featuring the copy in a prime position. Having a featured snippet confers two clear benefits: greater visibility, and heightened click-through.

How Can You Get a Snippet Featured by Google?

The Outsource Your Marketing team have worked with a number of businesses on creating copy that has become a ‘featured snippet’. Here are our 5 ‘top tips’ for achieving prime position:

1. Write Copy That Answers Questions

If you’re used to writing advertising copy, this takes a bit of adjustment. The vast majority of snippets are answers to questions, so you’ll need to take a look at existing copy and think about how you can reframe it. A useful way to approach this is to think about the questions your clients ask, and write in response to those questions.

2. Seek Out the Gaps in Google

Finding the opportunities for featured snippets takes a bit of creativity, and some patience. Suppose you offer storage space in the UK. If you enter ‘What is a storage container’ as a search term, a snippet will immediately appear. Under it will be a list of other questions that get asked regularly. If you keep drilling down, you’ll start to identify ‘gaps’ or questions that aren’t getting answered.

3. Find Out What Your Customers are Asking

There are now a number of ways to find out what people are keen to find out about a whole range of topics and services. Answer the Public is a great example. It’s a free service and all you have to do is enter your keyword. The site then generates a whole range of questions drawn from online data. You’ll be able to see which questions have the biggest search volume, and how the questions are phrased.

4. Take Your Time Creating and Editing Content

Snippets are highly prized search engine features, so it’s worth taking time over writing and editing the copy. The information needs to be direct, concise and use no more than 50 words. It should address one topic only and be easy to read. Avoid any attempt to sell services, or talk about the business as this will immediately invalidate it as a snippet.

5. Where Do Snippets Get Drawn From?

They’re drawn from copy included on your website. They could be extracted from FAQs, a ‘How To’ guide, or blogs addressing a specific topic. Google looks for appropriately sized paragraphs to respond to a specific question. Other formats that are likely to get selected are charts, numbered lists, bullet points, images or stepped instructions.

OutSource Your Marketing

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