What are SEO Services?

Which SEO Services Would Benefit Your Business?

What are SEO services? They’re techniques and strategies offered to businesses with the aim of improving a website’s visibility and ranking in search engine results (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Digital agencies offering Search Engine Optimisation employ specialists in SEO website design, content marketing and keyword research. Their combined expertise results in more qualified leads, greater online visibility and – in the long term – more conversions.

Outsource Your Marketing is a leading UK provider of SEO services catering to businesses of all sizes. If you’re seeking to boost your website’s effectiveness but lack expertise in SEO, the OYM team is here to help. Our SEO guide offers invaluable insights into the various types of services available, helping you determine the most suitable ones for your business.

Additionally, we provide information about what you can anticipate from your chosen SEO provider, ensuring a seamless collaboration that drives tangible results for your online presence.

SEO Services – The Benefits to Business

SEO Services – The Benefits to Business

Types of SEO Services

When people ask What are SEO services? They’re often enquiring about the types of SEO services available. It’s important to know that a digital agency has the appropriate experience and expertise for the SEO required by your business. Here’s a list of the 4 most popular SEO services:

  1. SEO Web Design Services. Businesses investing in a web design need to know that the resulting website is search engine friendly. The most effective SEO is baked in at the design stage, making the site easy for search engines to read, assess and start promoting in response to search queries.
  2. Local SEO Services. If your business needs to be visible to a local region or neighbourhood, local SEO will optimise your site for the appropriate geographical area/s. This includes the use of local keywords, the creation of a Google Business Profile, and local listings.
  3. eCommerce SEO Services. Brands that sell online need an SEO strategy that’s tailored to their sector. This involves detailed keyword research, comparative competitor analysis, and optimised product listings in order to drive targeted organic traffic to your site.
  4. SEO Audit Services. If your business website wasn’t optimised at the design stage, or optimisation occurred a while back, an SEO audit will significantly improve its online performance. An audit takes a snapshot of your current ranking, lists major problems and fixes which are then implemented.
Types of SEO Services

SEO services often target specific components of a website to optimise the performance as a whole. On-page SEO concentrates on optimising elements within the website itself, such as titles, keywords, and other factors that directly influence search engine rankings. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, emphasises improving the website’s online presence through strategies like building high-quality backlinks from reputable sources.

Technical SEO involves optimising the website’s backend components, including page speed, site architecture, and other technical aspects that impact search engine crawlability and user experience. By addressing these specific areas, SEO services enhance a website’s overall visibility and search engine rankings.

SEO Ranking Factors

Leading search engines like Google have around 200 ranking factors that feed into their algorithm determining the position of a webpage in search results. Whilst lists of ranking factors turn up online, claiming to be authoritative, they’re not officially published by the search engines themselves. SEO experts build their knowledge from practical experience of working successfully with SEO.

The best documented key ranking factors include the use of relevant keywords, high-quality and unique content, backlinks from authoritative websites, mobile-friendliness, website loading speed, user experience, domain authority, social signals, and structured data.

For example, if a webpage has well-researched keywords strategically placed in its content, earns backlinks from reputable sources, and provides a seamless mobile experience, search engines are more likely to rank it higher. Understanding and implementing these ranking factors are vital for successful SEO strategies.

What Should SEO Services Include?

Having a basic knowledge of SEO services allows businesses to assess the packages offered by digital agencies. It’s important to know that the team optimising your website understands the sector you’re in, has experience working with websites like yours and can demonstrate great success rates for their existing clients. Here’s a list of the SEO services you would expect an agency to offer:

What Should SEO Services Include?

Table of Contents

  1. Bespoke SEO Strategy
  2. SEO Audit
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. On-Page Optimisation
  5. Technical Optimisation
  6. Ongoing SEO
  7. Monthly Reports

1. Bespoke SEO Strategy

To maximise the advantages of SEO, your business requires a tailored strategy crafted through an in-depth comprehension of your unique operations. This strategy should aim to elevate your web pages’ visibility in search engine rankings, striving for a position among the top 5 listings. Settling for anything less implies a generic approach that only yields temporary and restricted enhancements.

With a bespoke approach, you can establish a prominent online presence that outshines competitors and secures valuable, consistent traffic and conversions.

2. SEO Audit

SEO Audit

A crucial component of your SEO services should be an SEO audit, as this demonstrates a commitment to gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business. If a prospective agency mentions a visual assessment of your SEO requirements, it’s a good idea to push for a more in-depth and detailed approach.

An SEO audit identifies strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement, resulting in a well-informed and strategic SEO plan tailored specifically to your business objectives.

3. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis helps businesses understand their competitive landscape by identifying what SEO strategies their competitors are employing. This knowledge allows businesses to benchmark themselves and gain insights into industry trends and best practices.

By analysing competitors’ SEO strategies, businesses can identify keywords, content topics, or backlink sources that their competitors are ranking well for. This information can be leveraged to develop a more targeted and effective SEO strategy.

4. On-Page Optimisation

In most cases, on-page optimisation makes a signification contribution to your SEO. It’s an essential component to an effective strategy, and will normally include:

On-Page Optimisation
  • Auditing the website architecture, internal linking structure, and redirects.
  • Creating a sitemap.
  • Optimising titles, headers, and meta descriptions, for search.
  • Optimising site images and including alt.text.
  • Keyword research and optimising content, using selected keywords.
  • Creating SEO optimised content and copy for your site.

5. Technical Optimisation

Technical optimisation in SEO refers to the process of enhancing the technical aspects of a website to improve its performance, crawlability, and indexing by search engines. It involves:

  • Optimising website speed and performance.
  • Implementing proper website architecture and navigation.
  • Ensuring mobile-friendliness and responsive design.
  • Setting up proper URL structures.
  • Optimising metadata, including title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Implementing structured data markup for enhanced search engine visibility.

6. Ongoing SEO

SEO is an ongoing process that requires a long-term relationship between your business and an SEO agency. A reputable agency will focus on long-term growth, aiming to increase your search engine visibility and revenue. Through ongoing SEO, they consistently refine your SEO strategy to maximise results.

Even after your website meets initial SEO standards, your agency should persistently seek opportunities for improvement. This commitment enables you to attract more organic traffic, generate valuable leads, and boost sales through SEO. By fostering a collaborative relationship, your business can achieve sustained success.

7. Monthly Reports

Regular monthly reports are an essential component to trust, transparency and ongoing collaboration. These reports provide valuable and timely insights into the outcomes of your SEO strategy. For instance, they can cover significant metrics such as organic traffic, lead generation, sales, rankings, and more.

Additionally, a reliable SEO company should allocate dedicated time with your account manager, ensuring personalised attention and clear communication throughout the process.

Have We Answered The Question What Are SEO Services?

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